Riding suit for beginners

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Appropriate clothing for horse riding not only gives optimal comfort in this kind of physical activity, but often also protects the rider from possible injuries. Financial investment in a professional outfit is not small, that’s why people, who only start their adventure with horse riding, very often think about it. We suggest how to dress, if you are planning only the first lessons at the stud.

What to wear for the first riding lesson?

What you wear to your first riding lesson will determine not only your comfort, but also the success of your training and satisfaction with this type of sport. You don’t have to buy professional breeches or slippers right away. In your everyday closet, you are sure to find outfit elements that will allow you to complete your first workout.

Comfort is essential, so your clothes should not restrict your movements. It is also important to match your outfit to the weather conditions. A riding jacket for beginners will come in handy to protect you from strong wind or rain. Regardless of the season, it’s a good idea to wear long pants, which will protect your limbs not only from getting dirty, but also from possible injuries or abrasions.

What footwear to choose?

Pay special attention to footwear. It is good that it has a stiff sole, but a narrow tip. This way you can easily put them in the stirrups, remove them if necessary, and minimize the risk of your shoes getting stuck in them. Sports shoes that fit tightly to the foot and are properly sized according to your size work well.

Other parts of your riding clothes should be made of good quality cotton. Such material is breathable, and at the same time protects against the cold, but does not contribute to excessive sweating. It is good if the outfit adheres to the body, but is not too tight. It is recommended to wear comfortable leggings, jeans should better stay in the closet.

Professional outfit for a beginner rider

If you plan to attend riding lessons regularly and this activity is your passion, you may want to invest in a basic rider outfit. Mandatory items of clothing for horseback riding are:

  • A helmet (toque), which protects your head in case of a fall,
  • protective vest,
  • thermoactive underwear,
  • breeches, which are special pants for horse riding. They are tight, but they do not restrain the rider’s movements, moreover, they do not have seams on the inside of legs, what prevents possible abrasions during the training,
  • shoes for horse riding. The most often horse riding shoes are jackboots, which are shoes with an extended upper, which protect the rider’s calves, or slippers, which are shorter ankle boots,
  • jacket. It is worth paying attention to the type of horse riding. Jockey puts on so-called kasak, while kolet is a shorter leather jacket for sports riding. A surdout is useful for competitive riding.

Always buy clothes for training at studs in a professional store with sports assortment. Thanks to this you will be sure not only of proper durability and strength of particular elements of clothing during their intensive exploitation, but also of properties that will allow you to perform a ride with due comfort and safety.

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