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Trekking – a way to stay in shape

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Trekking is not only a way to spend time outdoors in an interesting way, but also a perfect complement to your workout plan. So take advantage of the beautiful weather and spice it up with a trip to the mountains. Find out what you will need on the trail and how to prepare for a mountain workout.

What is trekking?

By definition, trekking is a form of tourism practiced in difficult terrain and climatic conditions. We usually associate it with mountain trekking, although it doesn’t have to be like that. Other forms of this activity are, for example, desert trekking, tropical trekking, glacier trekking or river trekking. However, in our climatic conditions, the mountain variety is indeed the most popular. Thanks to the guarantee of beautiful landscapes and great satisfaction after reaching the summit, it attracts more and more people. The scenery in which such hikes take place consists of peaks, ridges and passes. It offers countless possibilities as there are easy and difficult varieties. Trekking can be done by anyone who is at least reasonably fit.

What to take with you?

When preparing for a trekking trip, there are several things you should keep in mind. First of all, make sure you have appropriate trekking shoes. If you want to make sure that your shoes are of the highest quality and will perform well on long hours of trekking, you should definitely choose Salomon shoes. We do not recommend walking in sandals or even sneakers, although many people have tried. Remember also to choose the right size – mountain boots should fit perfectly, which will avoid chafing and blisters.

In the mountains you will also need appropriate clothing. It is best to buy typical mountain clothing, made of breathable materials, in a sports store. It is also worth choosing thermoactive underwear, which draws moisture away from the skin and adapts to the air temperature. Don’t forget about comfortable and thick socks that will make the trail much more comfortable. Also, bring sunglasses and a hat to protect your head from the sun in the summer and to prevent frostbite in the winter.

Be sure to bring a large and packable backpack to carry all your essentials. Above all, it should be light and comfortable, so you don’t have to carry it too hard. A model with a lot of pockets and compartments is a good choice, so that everything doesn’t get messy and is within easy reach. And what to take with it? First of all, provisions and water to replenish your energy. You will also need sunscreen, a map, a power bank and a camera to capture the beautiful views. Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit.

Polish trails perfect for trekking

Polish mountains have a lot to offer – also to trekking fans. There are many trails to choose from if you want to try this slightly harder form of mountain climbing. What are the best ones? First of all, you can try Orla Perć in the High Tatras. It’s quite a short trail, but it’s called one of the most difficult and dangerous hiking trails in Poland, so we don’t recommend it for complete beginners. A suggestion for longer, several-day hikes is the Main Beskid Mountain Trail. It leads through the highest parts of the Beskid Mountains from Ustroń to Wołosate. However, if you are just starting your adventure with trekking, the beautiful Karkonosze Ridge trail will be an excellent suggestion

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