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Mel B – from “Spice Girl” to fitness star

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Everyone probably knows Mel B, as she is the undisputed queen of fitness, but it was not always so. In the 1990s, the black exercise star was… a singer! The most charismatic of the iconic band “Spice Girl” gave a hoot and already loved loose, sporty but bold outfits. What did her career path look like?

Mel B – huge popularity

It’s probably hard to find someone who doesn’t know a “Spice Girl.” The girls of this iconic band of the 1990s were known all over the globe. Everyone talked about them, and teenagers wanted to look like them.

Among the singers was also the only African-American Mel B. It must be admitted that it was difficult to take your eyes off her. She was infectious with charisma and cheerfulness, and had an extremely interesting style. The most popular girl band unfortunately broke up quite quickly, nevertheless each of the girls managed to make a name for herself in show business and follow her own path. Thus, in 2000 Mel B stopped being Scary Spice (that was the artistic pseudonym she adopted at the time) and simply became herself. Her career was in question, and from various sources one can read that she herself didn’t quite know what to do next. When she finally found her way, she decided to do something unexpected.

Mel B – a new beginning

A young 25-year-old at the time, Mel chose a fresh path that had not yet been fully trodden. She has always loved sports, so she decided to show others how to stay in shape. What made her do it? After her first pregnancy, she gained a lot of weight and did a lot to lose weight. Exercise and hard work helped her, of course. 

So she decided to capitalize on her popularity and, of course, her cheerfulness, masses of positive energy and natural ability to cheer people up to exercise and create a fitness empire. She released many DVD tapes of her original exercises, which gave excellent results. Since 2009, Mel B has been regarded as a fitness guru, and many women have regained their strength and will to live thanks to her. 

Not to be outdone, she warms up the fight for a better, healthier life for men as well. The woman is currently 47 years old and no longer records videos in which she demonstrates her fitness skills. However, videos featuring her can now be found on youtube and continue to enjoy enduring popularity. The trainer herself confessed that she enjoys interval training the most and always tries to incorporate it into her videos. This form of training allows you to burn a ton of calories, and gives your muscles a really strong workout. It’s also worth mentioning that Mel has also become a motivator, from whom our domestic celebrities such as Anna Lewandowska, Ewa Chodakowska and even Daniel Qczaj are now taking example. 

Her career, however, dimmed considerably a few years ago, due to a major scandal involving her husband. It turned out that the couple had persuaded their employees or members of the team cleaning their house to have sexual intercourse. This ended in a media lynching, and Mel B decided to part ways with her husband, who was also alleged to have coerced her into various excesses. Nevertheless, the woman disappeared from the media. Will she return? That’s what we don’t know.

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