5 exercises for a flat stomach other than tummy tucks

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A sculptured belly without a tire is the goal of many women. What exercises in addition to the classic abdominals will allow us to achieve the so-called radiator? Here are suggestions of exercises for a flat belly!


The first isometric exercise that fantastically shapes the abdominal muscles is the plank. Regularly performing the plank will also strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, buttocks and legs. So it’s really worth it!

Horizontal scissors

Scissors is one of the most effective exercises for a flat stomach, which gives quick results. All you need is a mat and a piece of free floor to start your workout.


Another recommended exercise for the coronary is the bicycle – certainly each of us has performed it during the gym class.

Abdominal stretches with arms and legs extended

Abdominal stretches with arms and legs is in the opinion of many personal trainers one of the best exercises for abdominal sculpting. It is quite tiring but also very effective.

Kettlebell swings

The last proposal is kettlebell swings to the height of the forehead. This simple exercise shapes not only the abdominal muscles, but also the muscles of the back and buttocks.

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