Exercises with rubber bands for different parts of the body

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Exercising and taking care of our form has somehow entered our blood, and of course there is nothing wrong with that. After all, it is worthwhile to take care of your physical condition, body elasticity and muscle fitness. Recently there has been more and more talk about the effectiveness of exercises with rubber bands. With them you can lose a lot of weight, sculpt your body and strongly improve your posture. If you feel like giving it a try, learn about our ways to get a healthy, exercised body with resistance bands!

How to start exercising with rubber bands

Exercises to improve fitness and build muscle mass should be tailored to our abilities and almost tailor-made. This way you will quickly achieve the desired results, and on top of that they will be long-lasting. What are the characteristics of exercises with a rubber band called resistance band? 

To add variety to your workout, you can rent a rubber band at the gym or purchase one from a sports store. It is not a big expense, and the results are really satisfactory. It will give your muscles an extra boost during training, even a seemingly light one. You can use them both before the actual workout to warm up your muscles for action or as part of strength training. You can choose from thicker, thinner, as well as narrower and wider versions, it all depends on the resistance you want to achieve.

Workout with rubber bands for the abdomen

For this exercise, wear a rubber band at ankle height. Then lie flat on your back. Arrange your arms along your body, and straighten your legs. Now alternately lift them up, pressing the other leg to the floor at the same time. This will help you strengthen the lower abdominal muscles, the one that is the hardest to train.

Train your glutes with the use of resistance bands

Who does not dream of beautiful and round buttocks. To achieve such an effect, you can use a booster in the form of an exercise rubber band. Assume a supported kneeling position, and place the rubber over your knees. Be sure to keep your back straight, or naturally bent. Then start the exercises. 

Lift your bent leg up so that it is slightly above the line of your head. Try to hold this position for a while or even slightly pull the limb upward for about 10-15 seconds. Return to the starting position and start the exercise with the other leg.

Strengthen the arms

In this case, the rubber band should be mounted on a bar. Then put your legs in a stable position and bend your torso slightly forward. You need to catch the rubber band in both hands and, on straight arms, pull it towards you.

Take care of your chest

Before you start this exercise, put the rubber band across your upper back and grab the ends with your hands. Next, assume a forward support position. It is worth remembering to keep your glutes and abdomen slightly tense at all times. Then bend your arms until your chest touches the floor. Repeat the exercise in 3 series, returning to the starting position.

main photo: unsplash.com/bruce mars

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