How To Find Stylish Summer Cycling Jerseys

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You’ve already made the decision to use your bike as your main mode of transportation this summer, so what’s next? With gas prices being at an all-time high, you can save money and feel great about doing it with these best cycling jerseys that are both functional and stylish.  Whether you’re looking for women’s cycling jerseys or Men’s Cycling Jerseys there’s something on this list for you to help keep you cool and feeling fresh while you pedal to work or school all summer long!


8 tips on how to select a perfect cycling jersey


Best cycling jerseys are an essential part of every cyclist’s wardrobe. They’re available in different styles and colors, designed for comfort and performance. A good jersey protects you from bad weather conditions and allows optimum ventilation, guaranteeing you a relaxed riding experience. Here are eight tips on how to choose a perfect cycling jersey that best fits your body type.


  1. Fabric: The first thing you should look at when buying a cycling jersey is its fabric: It should be lightweight, soft, and durable at the same time. It also needs to offer optimal moisture management, as well as UV protection against harmful rays of sunlight.


  1. Length: When it comes to length, there are two main options – short and long. Men cycling jerseys usually come in short or long-length options; Women’s cycling jersey usually only comes in short-length versions. Longer men cycling jerseys can provide extra coverage if you want to wear them over other layers such as base-layers or thermal clothing.


  1. Pockets: There are several types of pockets found on men cycling jerseys: back pockets, side pockets, and front pockets. Back pockets are placed behind your back while side pockets are located on either side of your torso. Front pockets are located in front of your torso between waistline and chest level. The Women’s cycling jersey typically doesn’t have any additional storage space apart from the back pocket.


  1. Sleeve Length: Sleeve length is another important factor to consider when shopping for cycling jerseys. You need to make sure they fit snugly around your arms without being too tight or too loose. If you prefer wearing a jacket over your jersey, longer sleeves will allow you to put on and take off jackets easily.


  1. Zippers: Men’s cycling jerseys usually feature one or more zippers on each side of their torso. These zippers allow you to adjust your jersey according to your preference and help with temperature regulation during rides.


  1. Reflective Elements: Reflective elements help increase visibility in low light conditions, which is why most cycling jerseys feature reflective elements on their shoulders and/or upper back area.


  1. Ventilation: Bike jersey for men often includes ventilated panels on its sides to help keep you cool and dry throughout your ride.


  1. Style: Finally, style is something else worth considering when shopping for cycling jerseys. Make sure you like both design and color of your chosen jersey before purchasing it.


We hope these tips help you find the best cycling jerseys for you that keep you cool in summer.


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