How to style women’s sneakers?

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Sneakers are one of the most popular models of shoes. After years of walking on high heels, women fell in love with comfort and urban chic. What to wear these shoes with? We suggest!

Contrary to popular opinion, women’s sneakers are also perfect outside the training room. They go perfectly with most everyday outfits. By combining colors and cuts, you can even wear them with romantic dresses. In this article, we show you how to style your sports shoes so that they look trendy and classy. We are sure you will fall in love with these outfits too!

Why do we love sneakers?

Sporty chic is a style that has made its way into our closets. We love it because it combines comfort with everyday chic. Women’s sneakers are definitely a staple in such combinations. Experts in the fashion industry consider this footwear to be extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of outfits.
These shoes can be worn with flowy dresses as well as with suit pants. All you need is a handbag and you are ready to go to work or meet friends.

We have prepared a few sneaker styles for you that every woman can recreate and adapt to her own requirements.

Styling with sneakers for every occasion

  1. Work + sneakers? Why not!

With dress code loosening at work it’s time for sneakers to go to office. These styles are a far cry from the first menswear inspired suits for women.

Go for smart high-waisted, long-legged pants with a white shirt and an oversized blazer. Rolling up the sleeves will make the whole look a bit lighter. Keep sneakers in a subdued color but they will be an interesting accent to the whole outfit. It will be elegant and very comfortable at the same time

  1. Something for fans of romantic style

Although a dozen or so years ago such a combination seen on the street might surprise someone, today it is one of the most fashionable trends! The combination of sporty chic and feminine cuts is definitely on top now.

Choose a knee-length or midi floral dress with a floral pattern. The color and overall style of the shoes is crucial here, as casual style shoes are definitely the best choice. Go for white or cream sneakers. This will make the whole outfit look light and girly, but with a note of breaking the convention. Leave your hair loose and slightly wavy. The romantic look is complete!

  1. The Versatile Look with Nonchalant Accents

The nonchalant look is ideal for a night out with friends, a drink or a concert – an absolute classic for when you don’t know what to wear but still want to look cool and trendy.

Choose blue jeans, a white t-shirt (the thickness of the cotton is key, thicker cotton makes a better impression), a black leather jacket and your favorite sneakers. If you feel like it, add some delicate jewelry and put your hair in a high ponytail. It’s a timeless look that you can customize to your liking.

  1. Fashionable and comfortable!

Influencers also like the combination of a pleated skirt, silk blouse, and sneakers. This style is extremely comfortable, quick to style, and suits many occasions perfectly.

A good tip is to choose individual items from the same color palette, keeping the look in shades of gray or bottle green, for example. This, despite the different materials and different order, will keep the styling consistent

Final tips from the stylist

When choosing pants, try to choose those with a narrow leg to better display your sneakers. Alternatively, try ankle-length cigarette pants, which are very trendy this season.

Don’t be afraid to break convention and play with fashion! An airy romantic dress or a rocker black leather jacket combined with colourful sneakers? Why not! Look for new solutions and be inspired by others’ styles. Good luck!

Main photo: Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

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