You can start learning ballet not only as a child

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Fulfill a childhood dream and embark on an adventure in ballet. The calories burned and endorphins produced are not the only benefits you will get out of this adventure!

Ballet is associated with an activity that should be started at a very young age. Of course, if you are hoping for a career as a ballerina, actually taking your first class after the age of 18 is unlikely to lead you to the pros. However, ballet practiced for pleasure and health is a sport with which we can start our adventure at almost any age.

Ballet for adults

Ballet is a fantastic way to build fitness, stretch your muscles and gain self-confidence. It is perfect for people who love to dance and want to gain more awareness of their body. More and more dance schools and fitness centres are offering classical dance classes for adults.

In adult life we often limit ourselves with the thought that it is too late for something. There is always time to start the adventure with dance, even classical dance! If only we feel like it, it is worth trying our hand at it.

Ballet from scratch for adults

To start your adventure with ballet, all you really need is a will and the right amount of free time. Choosing a course for beginners, we don’t have to have a perfect body, slim figure, certain age or be properly stretched. Ballet for adults from the basics is a class for everyone regardless of age and gender. The instructor will adjust the level and type of exercises to the abilities of his students.

These classes are designed to build body awareness, stretch and strengthen. During ballet you will also learn professional dance figures and their names. First of all, however, ballet teaches correct posture and beautiful movement. After a few months of regular exercises, both the environment and ourselves will notice a change in the way we arrange our bodies and movements. They will become smooth, full of grace and gracefulness. We will also start to pay attention to keeping a straight figure.

Ballet is a way to have a beautiful body

During ballet lessons we learn not only basic dance figures. This type of dance makes us consciously work the whole body – placing the feet, hands, back, neck … All exercises require constant repetition. Ballet is a dance for persistent and patient people who are not discouraged by tedious repetitions and striving for perfection. The instructor will constantly correct our mistakes and suggest how to work on the body to achieve the expected effect.

Unfortunately ballet exercises patience in every field – also in the aspect of visible results of training. The first effects can be expected only after a few weeks of regular classes.

What should I take with me for the first ballet classes?

During ballet, as well as during other physical activities, you need to wear sports clothes. The best is a fairly well-fitting set – bodysuit, tights or leggings and ballet shoes. Ballet outfit should be comfortable and not restrictive to movement. However, it is also important for it to reveal the figure, so that we can constantly control the position of the body in the mirrors around us.

To train ballet we do not need any special equipment or additional accessories. It is a training in which we focus on our own body – its positioning, work and movements. Music and breathing help to give the movements fluidity and grace. All we need to take with us to the gym is a positive attitude, perseverance, willingness to learn, and a bottle of water.

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