How to tame eyeliner? Our patents for making a quick eyeliner on the eye

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A perfectly straight eyeliner on the eyelid makes any makeup look stunning. However, many women have problems with the express execution of eyeliner. Here are some proven tricks that will help you master your eyeliner!

The eyeliner is not as scary as they paint it!

The classic black eyeliner emphasizes the eye, enlarges it and makes the look more expressive. The problem with painting eyeliner can be the characteristic drooping eyelids or, for example, trembling hands. However, these are only apparent obstacles. They can be easily overcome! With our proven tricks, painting eyeliner can become pleasant.

Choosing the first eyeliner

Are you starting your adventure with eyeliner painting? Then you need to purchase your first eyeliner! 

On the market you can find liquid eyeliner, in a marker, in stone, in gel and with a brush. You should try out one by one which one suits you best. However, we know from experience that the best for beginners is the one in a marker. Eyeliner in a pen is precise and contoured for easy use. 

Unsteady hand

Does your hand tremble when you try to paint the perfect line on your eyelid? This is perfectly normal. An untrained hand may move, trembling a bit, so that the line will not always come out perfectly. The solution to this problem is relatively simple. Before you start painting your line, try drawing a thin black line along your eyelashes. This will be the border of your line. The next step is to fill in the empty space with eyeliner. The eyeliner pen just mentioned will work great here. Lean your elbow against the desk, place your hand on your cheek, grab the eyeliner and paint the perfect line! 

Tape method

This is a way for clever women. The cosmetic tape method is an easy and quick way to get the perfect eyeliner on the eyelid. It is a really simple solution. Stick a piece of tape under the outer corner of the eye. The next step is to draw over the tape the perfectly straight line of your dreams. Then gently peel off the tape. And there you go! Done! You will correct any irregularities just thanks to the tape, because they will settle on it, not on your skin. This method allows you to paint even the thinnest perfect lines.

Concealer and thread

This is a lifehack that many women are still completely unaware of. We color the thread a bit with our favorite concealer. Then we apply it from the outside of the eye and reflect the trace. We draw the line formed at the eye according to our preference for the length of the line and its thickness. This trick is especially helpful for those who cannot make perfectly symmetrical lines.

Alternative solution

Do you dream of an eyeliner, but still don’t feel up to making one? You can try another solution in your daily makeup. An alternative could be to fill in the space above the eyelashes with black. You can use a soft eyeliner and a brush for this. You don’t even have to extend your line beyond the eyelid. It’s a very quick way that will highlight your eyes delicately on a daily basis!

main photo: Piszek

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