Drinking flaxseed – what results can you expect after a month of such treatment?

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Flaxseeds are small, brown seeds of the common flax. Although they look inconspicuous, for years they have been known for their health and medicinal properties.

The consumption of linseed is especially recommended for people who complain about digestive and stomach ailments and stomach pains. They effectively regulate the digestive processes and cleanse the intestines, but this is not the end of their power. Flaxseed also helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails, so the treatment consisting in drinking it has recently become very popular. What effects does it bring?

Properties of flaxseed

Flaxseeds are rich in protein, folic acid, minerals (including calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron) and vitamins A,B,C,D,E and K. They are famous for their ability to alleviate gastrointestinal ailments. However, this is not the end of their benefits

Flaxseed also helps relieve respiratory problems, aids weight loss, because it gives a feeling of satiety and normalizes digestive processes, and also lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, because it contains omega-3 acids. It also works great on hair, skin and nails. The fact that it is worth including it in the daily diet, there is no doubt.

Recipe for flaxseed drink

There are many recipes for making flaxseed. One of them is to pour one tablespoon of seeds with hot water (less than 200 ml). Then you should cover the cup and leave it overnight. In the morning, drink the resulting drink on an empty stomach along with the grains (by biting them). You can also boil 2 teaspoons of flaxseed seeds in 200 ml of water. The whole process should take at least 15 minutes. Then you should strain the concoction through a strainer, and leave the juice to cool. The drink should be drunk once a day.

Effects of drinking flaxseed

The effects of drinking flaxseed are already visible after the first month of regular use of the treatment. The first advantage is to increase the immunity of the body, so it is worth implementing it during the spring and winter. Flaxseed also has a great effect on the complexion. Its influence is particularly appreciated by people suffering from atopic dermatitis. It becomes moisturized, taut, smooth and radiant.

The condition of hair and nails also improves. They grow faster, are strong and full of shine. Drinking flaxseed also supports weight loss. Drink plenty of water during the treatment.

What is worth remembering?

Some recommend that a concoction of flaxseed should be consumed twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. On the other hand, there are also claims that drinking the drink in the evening may cause some people to have trouble falling asleep. So the safest way to start the treatment is to drink one serving of the drink daily, right after waking up. It is worth remembering that drinking flaxseed suspension makes constipation problems go away.

It also helps with peptic ulcer disease. Linseed coats the mucous membranes of external organs (including the stomach and duodenum), creating a kind of protective layer against hydrochloric acid. Thanks to this it shields them and reduces inflammation. It should also be remembered that although drinking linseed supports weight loss, nothing can replace a rational, balanced diet and regular exercise. This is the only way to achieve truly satisfactory results.

Other uses of flaxseed

Linseed can also be successfully used externally. It works great as a natural conditioner for hair and scalp. It will effectively moisturize hair strands and make them incredibly soft. It is also a good idea to apply flaxseed on your face. Your complexion will be matte thanks to this, as flax seeds control sebum secretion. The flaxseed will also help with frostbite and frostbite, as well as cracked and peeling skin. Linseed infusion can be used to wash the skin in the event of conditions such as boils, psoriasis and hemiplegia in order to alleviate their course

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