Slouchy jeans, or fashionable pants that you will love

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On the market today you can find basically any model of jeans. There is also complete freedom when it comes to choosing individual items of clothing, including pants. So you can match them to your styling, the occasion and, above all, your body shape. 

However, there are models that are particularly desirable, these include slouchy jeans, which all women, regardless of age, dream about! Why are they so popular and is it worth having them in your closet?

Slouchy jeans – a unique model for any occasion

Nowadays in fashion the focus is on casualness and comfort. Therefore, it is common to combine elegant styling with sporty footwear. Once trendsetters would have caught their heads, but currently such combinations are very timely. This also applies to pants. Thus, solutions such as slouchy jeans enjoy unflagging popularity, and charmed ladies wear them both with stilettos and sports shoes. 

They also look great with boots. However, let’s start with what characterizes this model. High top, wide leg, which slightly tapers to the bottom are the elements that distinguish this cut. It is worth mentioning that they subtract years and look great on most figures. 

However, ladies who tend to accumulate excessive pounds in the thighs or buttocks area should watch out for them and try to choose a darker version, which will not accentuate the flaws of the figure. In addition, they will look better in combination with shoes with higher heels. On the other hand, short women can optically shorten their figure, especially their legs, so here, too, it will be advisable to combine pants with high-heeled shoes.

Slouchy jeans – what to wear them with?

Different types of jeans go well with other accessories. Slouchy jeans will certainly make your styling looser and more nonchalant. Other elements of your outfit should also be like this. You can combine them with bodysuits, but also with cotton blouses, which still do not go out of fashion. Longsleeves with cupro also look great. So you can go wild with both elegant and urban outfits. 

Pants are perfectly combined with oversized jackets and sweaters. You can also bet on short tops, which combine perfectly with high-waisted pants. So you can effortlessly create unique solutions that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Slouchy jeans look great both in spring, autumn and winter. They give a lot of freedom, and at the same time come in many different colors and patterns. Therefore, it is worth betting on this very model, especially in the upcoming season. They will look great with a bomber jacket, as well as a long coat. If you are planning an outing with friends to a club, just match them with festive shoes, while for a walk in the woods classic sneakers will suffice. Such a versatile base is a must-have of this season!

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