Sweaters and jackets in Swiss resort style – how to create a casual look?

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Norwegian patterns on sweaters, wool with a thick weave, and a down jacket or coat. The elements of a ski closet can be used to create great outfits, not only for the slopes but also for everyday wear.

Apres-ski – warm, fashionable and comfortable

If there is winter, there must also be snow. And where is the best place to look for it? In ski resorts. It is there that lovers of winter madness have the opportunity to improve their skiing or snowboarding. Then they must have appropriate clothing and accessories. This is very important to keep them comfortable and safe.

However, as you know, at this time of year, dusk comes quite quickly, and with it, the time to return to the hotel. Not to sleep, of course! We go to meet with others, go out for a drink, disco or to the pub. Here arises a dilemma – how to dress. Time spent off the slopes is called the French term “apres-ski”, which literally means “after skiing”. What outfits reign in this situation? How to dress to be warm, comfortable, but also stylish?

What kind of sweaters for après-ski?

Styling is primarily based on sweaters. Thick, plaid, Scandinavian or other winter motifs, such as reindeer, snowflakes or Christmas trees, are very popular among men. Also great are turtlenecks that wrap around the neck.

There should be no problem buying these types of sweaters. There are various cuts and colors available in stores, so everyone can choose the right model for themselves.

Here it is also worth paying attention to their composition, just as we pay attention to it when choosing our closet for the ski slope. Sweaters should be warm, and the best warming is wool – it can be classic or cashmere, alpaca or merino. It is a natural material with excellent thermal insulation and hygroscopic properties, which will prove useful even during the greatest frost.

These types of sweaters are very decorative and it is best to combine them with plain things. Other patterns may unnecessarily overwhelm the silhouette and optically enlarge it, or simply make the creation will be too much action.

Sweaters straight from a Swiss resort will look great with classic grey or black pants, or blue jeans and boots. They should also be matched with midi skirts and boots. Match it all with a woolen coat. Patterns and prints are always quite demanding and you need to plan your outfit carefully, so do not overdo it. If you overdo it, the effect may be far from expected.

Jackets straight from the ski resort

The second element of your closet, which also has a double role – not only gives you warmth (which is crucial), but also is the main element of your styling and creates the whole look – is a jacket. When it comes to apres-ski jackets, there is a lot of freedom, although down models with a fitted cut are the most popular. If we are afraid that a given cut may make us look bigger and disturb our proportions, then it is worth to choose one with a waist belt.

There are also many furry elements – on the hood, collar or sleeves – and intense colors. Some are hard to pass by indifferently. Bold patterns can also surprise.

Under such a jacket we can have the aforementioned woolen sweater or a fleece sweatshirt and thermoactive underwear, and at the bottom – pants and boots or the cult Moon Boot.

Moreover, down jackets are also available in the form of vests and long coats. When it comes to outerwear, all you have to do is choose the model you like the most and feel best in. Some people definitely prefer elegant woolen coats to down jackets.

We also can not forget about the hat, scarf and gloves, preferably made of natural materials, to ensure adequate thermal comfort.

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