What to replace sugar with? As many as 6 suggestions

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White sugar has a bad reputation, so many people are looking for healthier sugar substitutes. Here are 6 foods that allow us to enjoy the sweet taste, without remorse!


Honey is a natural bee product that is known for its health-promoting properties and is much tastier than white sugar. Honey has an antibiotic effect and is a good substitute for sugar, despite its higher calorie content.


Stevia (or malt herb) is a sweetener whose main advantage is the lack of calories in its composition. However, its disadvantage is a specific taste, which is not suitable for everyone.


Xylitol (birch sugar) contains about 40% fewer calories than white sugar. It is often used by diabetics and people on a reduction diet. It has a beneficial effect on digestion


Erythritol is a healthy sweetener with zero calories and a taste similar to traditional sugar. It is recommended for diabetics and patients suffering from obesity.


Lucuma is a little-known sweetener with high fiber content. Its caloric value is about 25% lower than that of white sugar.

Chicory syrup

Chicory syrup tastes similar to regular sugar. As with lucuma, it contains a lot of fiber, so it should be used in moderation (too much chicory syrup increases the risk of indigestion).

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