How to make homemade isotonic drink? Learn about easy recipes!

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Water quenches thirst, but maybe sometimes it is better to choose isotonic drink? We provide proven recipes for making isotonic drinks at home. It is not as difficult as it may seem.

What is an isotonic drink?

Adequate hydration of the body and regular replenishment of fluids is crucial during each physical activity but not only. With sweat we lose water but also valuable minerals such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium and calcium. Each drop in hydration decreases the efficiency of the body, which makes us weak, headache, dizzy or slowed down our reaction to external stimuli. Even slight dehydration can be dangerous for your health.

Here is where isotonic drink comes to the rescue, which has the same concentration as the body fluids. It contains mainly water and valuable minerals and carbohydrates. Sometimes its composition is also enriched with vitamins.

An unquestionable advantage of isotonic drinks is the fact that they are absorbed very quickly and effectively.

Isotonic drink instead of water? When should it be drunk?

It may seem that the best way to replenish fluids is simply water. However one should be aware that in some situations drinking water alone is not enough and then it is necessary to reach for isotonic drinks.

We explain when to drink isotonic drinks and when to drink water. First of all, water is mostly good for workouts lasting up to one hour. This includes aerobics, swimming, fast walking or cycling. Here it is enough to simply replenish fluids, there is no need to additionally replenish carbohydrates or electrolytes. When our exercises are intensive and last more than an hour (soccer training, long-distance running), then we should choose isotonic drink. It will additionally balance the level of mineral components in our body.

Drink isotonic drink in small quantities during the physical activity and just after its finishing, during the regeneration stage. If we know that on a given day we are going to have a strong training, we can drink a glass one hour before starting it. Importantly, people who want to lose weight should not drink isotonic drinks, because of the carbohydrates they contain.

Why is it worth preparing homemade isotonic drink?

Making an isotonic drink at home is not difficult, and certainly it is much healthier. In this situation we know exactly what are its ingredients, while ready-made products available in stores often have preservatives or artificial dyes and white sugar in their composition.

In addition, they are also quite expensive, so if we drink them regularly, then it may turn out that we spend a fortune on them. Using homemade ingredients, which we have literally at hand, is a fraction of this amount.

Home-made isotonic drink – recipes

To prepare a homemade isotonic drink we need water, of course. In addition, there is also salt (the sodium present in it allows effective absorption of the drunk water), fruit juice and sweetener (sugar can be replaced with honey, but definitely not with xylitol, because it will not work at all).

For 1 liter of water we need 1 g of salt and 200 ml of fruit juice (for example lime, orange or grapefruit). The whole mix until the salt crystals are completely dissolved. Optionally, you can add a leaf of fresh mint or other aromatic herbs.

However, if you use a lemon, then for 1 liter of water, you need the juice of one piece. Then such a mixture should be sweetened with three teaspoons of honey and add a pinch of salt. In this case, any additions in the form of mint, ginger or lemon balm will also work.

After an intense workout, we can slightly increase the carbohydrate content of homemade isotonic drink. In the recipe you can also use glucose (available in pharmacies and sports stores). Then to 500 ml of water add 1-2 tablespoons of glucose, a pinch of salt and citrus juice

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