36 minutes instead of two hours at the gym? A revolutionary training system

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Most of us explain the lack of regular physical activity by the large number of obligations be it professional or family duties. The perfect solution for such people is the recently very popular 36 minute workout. What is it? What do these classes consist of? In today’s entry we will take a look at this issue

36 minute workout – for whom?

Where to do the 36 minute workout? Classes of this type take place in intimate 36 minute clubs. They are attended by several to a dozen people. This is ideal for those who don’t like big fitness clubs.

Who is the 36 minute training for? This is a great option for people who want to lose weight, shape their body or build muscle mass. These classes are completely safe. This is due to the fact that they are conducted by physiotherapists who have undergone appropriate substantive training. Thanks to that they are prepared to work with both healthy and sick or disabled people. The 36-minute training can be adjusted to the individual abilities and persons of each participant. There are no contraindications such as injuries, heart attacks, osteoarthritis, moderate heart failure or cancer. If the trainer leading the classes has any doubts, he or she may ask for a consultation with the attending physician. The 36 Minute Clubs regularly see people preparing for various types of surgery or cancer treatment. Workouts positively affect the patient’s immunity, effectively reduce the risk of complications and allow you to better endure the treatment process and speed up recovery.

What is a 36 minute workout?

What is the 36 minute workout? It is an innovative strength and endurance workout, which is done with the use of special devices with appropriate medical certificates. The equipment is very simple to use, which means that absolutely everyone can use it. The equipment is designed in such a way as to effectively protect users from overloading, reducing the risk of injury. The load and resistance are regulated by electric motors. What does the room look like where the 36 minute workout takes place? the 6 strength machines, the stationary bike and the orbiter are arranged in a circle. Participants move clockwise from one machine to the next. The machines are equipped with a large, easy-to-read screen on which the exerciser can continuously monitor the pace of each exercise, range of motion, and heart rate. A full workout consists of 2 rounds on each machine. As the name suggests, it lasts 36 minutes. You will exercise for 60 seconds on each strength machine and 4 minutes on each cardio machine, with a 0.5 minute break between each exercise.

The strength equipment used during the 36-minute workout activates and strengthens the muscles of the chest, arms, abdomen, buttocks, back, arms, and legs. When it comes to cardio machines, on the other hand, they speed up your heart rate, allowing you to perform a cardio workout. This makes the 36-minute workout an extremely effective total body workout. It is safe as it is performed on machines that can be programmed in any way to suit the individual needs and abilities of the person exercising. You don’t have to worry about overloading or painful injuries.

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