Top 7 workouts that are alternatives to working out at the gym!

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Are you bored with traditional workout at the gym? In today’s post we present 7 of the most interesting alternatives to this type of activity that will allow you to maintain a shapely figure.

  1. Aerial yoga

This is yoga on hammocks. It is a combination of yoga, acrobatics, stretching, fitness and dance. This type of training takes place using a special sling, which is suspended from the ceiling. It is made of durable material that supports the body weight of the exercising person, allowing him/her to focus on training.

Such a hammock significantly facilitates the performance of individual exercises, allows the body to stretch and is an invaluable aid during inverted positions. These in turn have a positive effect on oxygenation and blood supply to the brain and improve motor coordination

Aerial yoga is ideal for people with postural problems and those who want to stretch their muscles and increase joint mobility.

  1. Pilates on a reformer

This device allows you to perform a comprehensive, effective training of the entire body. It consists of a moving platform which is mounted with springs of different resistance strength to a frame. This element is set in motion by the exercising person.

With the help of the reformer, one can perform various types of dynamic, intensive, smooth exercises that do not strain the body. Such training is a proven way to improve flexibility, efficiency, muscle strength and body posture.

  1. Pole dance

Otherwise known as pole dancing. These classes are held using a vertical, metal bar. They are an ideal solution for all women who want to strengthen their muscles, slim their figure and gain strength and fitness. Pole dance classes include exercises that firm, strengthen and stretch the body. These are different types of holds, rotations and figures.

  1. Barre workout

This workout is a combination of ballet and fitness. It allows to strengthen muscles, make body more flexible and burn fat.

American trainer Mary Helen Bowers is the creator of this type of activity. During barre workout classes the strength of one’s own body is used. Exercises are performed with a bar.

  1. Piloxing

This is an interval training which is a combination of Pilates, dance and boxing. Its creator is a Swedish boxing trainer, instructor and dancer – Viveca Jensen. Piloxing is designed to switch the body into high revolutions, and then gradually calm it down. This results in a faster metabolism and effective fat burning

This type of class begins with boxing punches. Then dance figures are performed, which are combined with elements of Pilates.

  1. Kangoo jumps

This term is used for exercises in special shoes, which help to take care of the condition and shape muscles and correct posture. The shoes worn during the training have a special IPS system, which guarantees full safety.

What distinguishes these classes is the fact that no soreness will appear afterwards. Moreover, they effectively strengthen the cardiovascular system, regulate heart rhythm and improve coordination.

  1. Bungee fitness

This is a workout using a special elastic rope used for bungee jumping, which is attached to the ceiling with hooks. A person participating in such classes wears a special harness and then clips himself to the rope with a climbing snap hook. Additionally, you can put on protective neoprene foam shorts to protect your body from abrasions

Bungee fitness classes are dynamic and include elements of jumping, running, flying and classic exercises such as squats and push-ups.

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