5 extraordinary female athletes who are also good at business

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World famous sports women do not rest on their laurels. In addition to their success in sports, they invest in their future! Meet women athletes who have founded their own brands!

Female athletes with a head for business

In the world of sports there is no shortage of women who, in addition to extraordinary skills in various disciplines, also have a head for business. Here are 5 amazing women who know how to turn victory into… even greater success!

Agnieszka Radwanska and luxury hotel chain

Agnieszka Radwanska is a world-renowned tennis player who ranks among the top players in the world. In 2012, she was even second on the world list of women who reign supreme in this sport. She has won as many as 20 times in WTA ranked tournaments, which are the highest rated in tennis. In addition, she was one of the few Poles to reach the final of the Wimbledon Grand Slam. On the other hand, her biggest success is undoubtedly winning the WTA Championships, which took place in 2015 in Singapore. Over the years of her career, and on top of that, thanks to lucrative advertising contracts, she managed to collect a sizable sum, which she invested in the real estate market. She has opted for high-standard apartments, which are located in Sopot, Zakopane, Warsaw and even Miami. However, it is in the very center of Krakow where you can find Aga’s biggest investment – “Aga Tenis Apartments”.

Venus Williams – design and sense of style

Venus Williams, like her sister Serena, is known to everyone whether they’re into sports or not. She is one of the greatest tennis players in the world. As many as 49 times in her career, she won a WTA ranked tennis tournament. Among them, 7 were counted as part of the prestigious Grand Slam. She has also won 4 gold medals at the Olympics. One can easily guess that she has a considerable sum of money in her bank account. The sportswoman has often remarked that thanks to her upbringing by an ambitious father, she knows that she cannot rest on her laurels and should look at her life (especially professional life) in terms of time management and competence. So, she decided to invest her money and of course, she has been successful in this field as well. Venus since 2017 runs a brand that deals with designing clothes for active women “EleVen” and interior design “Vstarr”.

Anna Lewandowska – healthy every day

Anna Lewandowska is not only a beautiful wife of footballer Robert Lewandowski. She is involved in her own projects and over the years she has been a Polish, European and even world karate champion. At that time she still had her maiden name – Stachura. Currently she focuses on training and healthy eating. She produces and signs not only food products but also cosmetics with her name. In addition, all the time she prepares training and camps for Polish women who want to lose weight and improve their physical fitness.

Maria Sharapova – exclusive sweets

Maria Sharapova is another tennis player on the list who has enjoyed great success over the years. In 2005, she was on the first position of the world list. Her amazing career ended only in 2020, but already in 2013 she decided to start a business, which brought her considerable money. Interestingly, the sportswoman bet on the production of exclusive sweets. For years of sacrifice she could finally allow herself only small food sins. The company is called “Sugarpova” and it is doing great so far.

Ursula Radwanska – for stylish women

Urszula Radwanska, like her sister Agnieszka, is one of the best tennis players in the world. She has excelled on the court and since 2018 has been running a thriving business. Her business offers handbags, wallets and makeup bags made of leather and designed by herself. These are interesting everyday solutions that feature convenience and great design.

main photo: pexels.com/Chevanon Photography

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