What is Activated Charcoal Powder and Its Health Benefits

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If you have ever taken poison control advice and followed it to the letter, then you may have heard of activated charcoal powder. It is a common household remedy used by medical professionals to treat people who have ingested poison or chemicals that can be harmful to the body. Activated charcoal powder binds to these toxins, poisons, and chemicals, preventing them from being absorbed by the body and flowing through the digestive tract and bloodstream. In addition, activated charcoal acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and thus helps to reduce the body’s swelling and inflammation.

Why You Should Use it?

Just like oxygen, charcoal is something we all need in order to survive. However, we’re not always cognizant of this fact. Our bodies are constantly surrounded by air, whether we’re on land or underwater. Our lungs take in and release carbon dioxide and provide us with the necessary oxygen to keep us breathing. Activated charcoal can suck out harmful toxins without absorbing any of the healthy substances, like oxygen, it surrounds. This led to its use both in emergency situations and as a daily health supplement for people who are very health-conscious. How does it work? Activated charcoal, when used correctly, binds to the toxins in your body and whisks them away out of your digestive tract, leaving you feeling better than ever.

Detoxify your body

Eating activated charcoal can have a detoxifying effect on your digestive system since it absorbs harmful chemicals and poisons and doesn’t interfere with any nutrients. Some food may produce substances called AGEs (advanced glycation end products) when they are heated, which are easier for our bodies to absorb. But some types of food may produce different substances when they are heated.  These types of foods can disrupt your cells and make you sick, which may result in illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that processed foods also contain artificial ingredients that could lead to a higher likelihood of developing chronic conditions such as obesity and depression. If you’re looking for a quick, yet safe, way to lose weight, consider eating activated charcoal powder, which will eliminate toxins from your diet.

Promote Natural Healing

While some health experts claim that activated charcoal does nothing, there are others who swear by its healing properties. In fact, ancient Egyptians and Romans used activated charcoal to treat all kinds of ailments from indigestion to snakebites. It’s often used in emergency rooms when patients have overdosed on drugs or chemicals and can prevent a variety of toxic materials from being absorbed into your system. While it doesn’t treat poisoning as effectively as hemodialysis, for example, it does help get rid of ingested toxins if given within two hours after exposure to toxins; and sometimes it can be given up to four hours after exposure without too much risk.

Safely Lose Weight

Obesity is a growing problem in America. The most common cause is overeating and sedentary lifestyles, which can be hard to avoid in modern society. A good way to lose weight while also improving your health is by incorporating activated charcoal powder into your diet. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, it’s still a good idea to take activated charcoal on occasion for its detoxifying effects and general health benefits. It doesn’t just bind toxins; it actually pulls them out of your system through your gut and has a direct effect on damaged cells. You can safely add it to your diet, but make sure you do so at only half a gram per day and that’s just for occasional use.

Protect Yourself from Toxins

Exposure to toxins is a major concern for everyone, whether it’s household cleaners, weed killers, or car exhaust. When your body doesn’t need or want something, it will naturally discard it by excreting. But if you’re exposed to too many toxins and your body can’t process them fast enough, they build up in your cells and tissues. This can lead to serious illness. To combat these problems, consider supplementing with activated charcoal powder it helps pull toxins out of your system so that they don’t build up inside you.

Protect your skin from aging

Basically, there’s a good chance you’ve come across activated charcoal in some skin care products before. Beyond reducing the visibility of blemishes, it can also reduce the signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. To put a stop to the effects of aging, make sure your skin care products contain activated charcoal. You will find that many face masks have activated charcoal in them because of their ability to absorb excess oil and dirt from your pores. This helps you keep your skin clean, prevent breakouts, and helps you maintain even-toned skin. You can also use powdered activated charcoal as a scrub to achieve a flawless look by mixing it with other oils. Simply apply it to your face and rub it in until it fully covers your skin. If you have sensitive skin, please try testing small spots on your skin first before going through with full use.

main photo: unsplash.com/Adrien Olichon
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