Kangoo jumps, or jump training

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Kangoo jumps is the name of specialist footwear, thanks to which we can jump like a kangaroo. All thanks to springs in the sole of the shoe. Kangoo jumps are a way for fun and effective training!

Jumping as a form of relaxation and training is not new. We all know the popular skipping ropes and jumping jacks. A few years ago, fitness classes on trampolines were also very popular. Manufacturers of fitness and recreation equipment went a step further and created kangoo jumps shoes. What can it be used for?

Kangoo jumps – what is it?

Kangoo jumps are special shoes with springs. This somewhat cosmic invention was created for sport and recreation. Kangoo jumps can be used for running, aerobics, fitness, mat training… They are as versatile as the benefits of using them.

Kangoo jumps – where did the idea come from?

The idea of shoes on springs is not new at all. The idea of creating them came from Gregory Leghtman, an orthopedic doctor from Canada. Leghtman presented his invention in 1994 during a sports equipment exhibition held in Paris. Since then, the spring-loaded shoe has been refined and tested. And that is how it came back to sports trends.

Why you should exercise with kangoo jumps

Scientists and trainers point to a number of benefits of exercising with shoes on springs. First of all, workout with kangoo jumps is a cardio workout. We burn a lot of calories during it and thanks to that we lose weight fast. Aerobic training allows not only to keep slim figure, but also builds fitness and is very good for heart and cardiovascular system.

Shoes on springs are also an excellent workout for muscles. In order to maintain balance in kangoo jumps it is necessary to tense almost all body muscles. Legs, buttocks, back, abdomen and deep muscles work intensively.

Okay, but you can burn calories running in traditional jogging shoes. Yes, but a traditional shoe doesn’t have such good cushioning when in contact with the ground. All the force and load is transferred directly to our joints, which get damaged over the years.

Kangoo jumps are a remedy for this problem. Thanks to the resonating sole, every fall on the ground, landing after a jump or hitting the ground with your foot while running is cushioned. Footwear on springs is a relief for joints and effective prevention of injuries!

How to use kangoo jumps

Kangoo jumps shoes cost a few hundred zlotys. They are small in size (a bit bigger than rollerblades) so you can easily hide them in a closet or on a shelf in the basement. You can successfully take them with you on a trip, training or vacation. Both the youngest and adult sport fans will have fun using them.

Using Kangoo Jumps is very simple. Put a cotton sock on your foot and then put on the spring-loaded shoe. You should do it sitting down – especially at the beginning of your adventure with Kangoo Jumps. The shoe is fastened with a click. After making sure that the shoes are fastened correctly, you can try to verticalize yourself. Place your feet parallel to each other and slowly stand up, assisted or supported by a chair.

After getting used to the cangoo jumps, we can try to take a few steps, stand on one leg, or do a jump. The next stage is to try to run. Despite appearances, maintaining balance in shoes on springs is simple and intuitive. Before buying kangoo jumps shoes, it is worth to pay attention to one parameter – spring’s adjustment to your weight. This will ensure proper flexibility.

Main photo: Monstera/pexels.com

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