Ankle and wrist weights – fashionable exercise accessories

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Although intensive exercise during hot weather is not recommended, fitness exercises in an air-conditioned room can be performed without any fear. And how and with what to exercise? Currently popular are ankle and wrist weights

If you’re already experienced in training and are in pretty good physical condition, maybe it’s time to think about additional weights during exercises, which will further strengthen your training and, consequently, your muscles?

So that your workout is not boring. Choose ankle and wrist weights

Exercises with weights are becoming more and more popular not only in professional gyms or in classes conducted by qualified trainers. If you exercise at home, you can also do the workout with weights. Recently so called ankle and wrist weights have become fashionable accessories for exercises. Why are they so popular? These are accessories that are an effective enhancement to a regular workout and can be used even when performing basic gymnastics exercises. However, professional trainers and athletes do not recommend them for people who are just beginning their adventure with physical activity. Why? Because if we are not very well prepared physically, we can strain our muscles

Training with weights. What are the benefits?

The biggest advantage of training with weights is strengthening arms and legs muscles. In stores with sports accessories we can get different types of weights attached to the legs and arms. How to choose the most suitable for us? If we go to group trainings, it is best to ask our trainer for advice, who probably already knows our training possibilities and sees what parts of the body we still need to work on. If we are training alone, it is worth to consult sports forums, where specialists express their opinions about accessories.

Ankle and wrist weights can be used during exercises instead of traditional dumbbells, which we have to hold on our own. Ankle and wrist weights can be easily attached to the body with elastic Velcro straps. Besides, they are not too heavy – the weight of such additional weights usually ranges from 0,5 kg to 2 kg. Their hooks can be easily adjusted to fit any body.

Will they work during every exercise?

The question arises, however, whether such weights can be used during every exercise? When answering this question, we must remember that the main task of weights is to strengthen muscles, so they should be used mainly during workouts that strengthen our body. Ankle and wrist weights are great for combining body weight exercises with strength training. Buying such weights and training with them is recommended especially for people for whom traditional training does not work anymore. It has become too monotonous and they do not see the effects of exercise.

Ankle and wrist weights are a great way to add some variety to your current exercise routine. But when it comes to dynamic exercises, such as squats with jumping, it’s better to resign from using weights. Why? Because all skips with weights on ankles and exercises that require excessive dynamics (jumping) are unfortunately quite risky for our joints. Exercise, for which you can use additional weights, is the so-called swallow. It is important to do alternate lifting of arms and legs slowly and precisely, and you will definitely feel additional weights.

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