Workout before or after work? Pros and cons of each solution

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Keeping our body in good shape is possible, among other things, through regular exercise. We often have to combine training with work and we do not know whether it is better to train before or after work.

Why combine work with training?

It is not uncommon to feel a complete lack of energy first thing in the morning, which means you don’t want to take part in household chores. Even if we have adequate energy resources, we often notice that our body is not as strong as it should be. A very common reason for this is the lack of regular exercise and training, which definitely has a negative impact on our motivation. What is more, the discouragement resulting from this state of affairs sometimes translates into a further deterioration of our body’s condition. The decision to start regular trainings requires deciding whether we want to exercise in the morning, before work, or in the afternoon, after work. The key is to stick to regular workout times, which is especially important for those with regular work hours. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each workout time?

Advantages of training before work

The most recommended solution is to train first thing in the morning, right after waking up. Experts emphasize that this is when the burning of caloric stores is greater than in the evening. What is more, during a morning workout our body will create a large store of endorphins, which will be useful during the day and guarantee us a better mood. The main advantage of this solution is the unique energy boost, which will promote perseverance in leading a healthy lifestyle. Another advantage is that once you get used to waking up in the morning and exercising, your free afternoons will be full of energy and desire to, for example, meet with friends. It is rarely the case that you plan to meet with friends in the morning, so there is less risk that your workout will interfere with your social life.

The disadvantages of training before work

While working out before work is recommended for many people, not everyone should opt for this option. It is not advisable for people who regularly fall asleep after midnight, as they usually do not have enough strength to get up early. It is discouraged to workout if the body is not rested. If you don’t make sure your body is properly conditioned, it will become clear very quickly that morning workouts will only suck the energy out of you. In such a case, it is first necessary to improve the health of the body, for example, by going to bed earlier and getting enough sleep. Sometimes the optimal way is to decide to train after work.

Workout after work – advantages

Despite appearances, training after work is a good option especially for people who go to bed late. In this case, it will be much healthier to sleep before work and mobilize to workout right after it. For this purpose, it is recommended to find an activity that you enjoy. This way training after work will have an added value, especially if you train with friends from work. Training together after work has a greater chance of success than convincing others to get up for morning workouts. The time spent at the gym can be effectively limited if you choose a place that is close to work or home.

Why isn’t it a good idea to work out after work?

First of all, after many hours of physical work we have the problem that we will not always be able to do the workout properly. So if we don’t plan our workouts, with our busy schedule we may find that our training sessions will be irregular and will not bring the expected results. Moreover, afternoon or evening workouts usually have to be longer than morning workouts in order to achieve similar results. Another disadvantage is that even after a desk job we may lack motivation to start training. No wonder – at that time we mainly dream about eating dinner and resting.

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