Rescue in hot weather? Cooling underwear

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Thermal underwear has been very popular for many years. Used primarily in the winter, it is a great alternative to several layers of sweaters. Do you want to relieve yourself during hot days? Find out what cooling underwear is!

Contrary to all guesses, underwear in this context does not mean bras or panties for women. It means long- or short-sleeved blouses and leggings made of a special breathable fabric. Why invest in cooling underwear?

Thermoactive underwear for hot days

Thermo-active underwear is clothing that should be worn directly on the body as a first layer. The purpose of this type of blouse or leggings is to transport moisture away from the body in a short space of time. It is in the first layer of clothing that perspiration evaporates or is transferred to the next layer if another garment is worn over the thermal underwear.

Cooling thermal underwear is called such because it allows the skin to breathe properly, which gives a cooling effect. It will be much more comfortable to perform a workout in a T-shirt of this type than with a bare torso. Such underwear keeps the skin from getting wet and the seamless material does not cause discomfort during the workout. In addition, cooling clothes are made of antibacterial and anti-allergenic materials, so we do not suffer from “bad smells” during hot weather.

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