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Boots are undoubtedly one of the most popular shoe models for fall and winter. Not without reason, because these shoes are both stylish and elegant, as well as very comfortable and warm. We suggest what you can wear boots with and which models to choose this season to always feel fashionable.

Boots are not only exceptionally stylish, but also perfect for this season. Find out what models of boots are the most fashionable this season and what you can wear them with.

What boots to wear this season?

Boots, as every year, reigned on the catwalks autumn / winter 2022, but which models to choose this season? Certainly extremely fashionable are boots on a platform, which will add character to any styling. So called combat boots, i.e. heavy boots on thick soles, which slightly resemble military boots, have been dominating for several seasons. Both in the case of platforms and combat boots, it is worth betting on extremely fashionable this season shades of beige, taupe, khaki, brown and timeless black. If you want to add some spice to your outfit, you may opt for metallic heeled boots, which also appeared on catwalks of many famous designers

Styling suggestions with high-heeled boots

As you can see, boots have remained fashionable for many seasons. But what to wear them with. Check out some of our timeless hairstyles with boots and find out that boots are not only comfortable and perfect for the cold season, but also extremely stylish.

Total look

A great suggestion for a never-failing styling with boots is the so-called total look, i.e. styling built in one color. By matching clothes, especially the bottom part of your outfit, such as pants or tights, with the color of your boots, you will make your body look longer and slimmer. Moreover, total looks, especially black ones, are incredibly elegant and harmonious. It is therefore the perfect choice both for everyday outfit, as well as for the more unusual.

Elegant dress and combat boots

A great combination is an elegant fitted bodycon dress paired with heavy combat boots. The tight dress is very feminine and elegant, while the heavier boots give the whole outfit a bit of fierce character. Wear a warm sheepskin coat or a thick leather jacket as outerwear. Remember about distinctive accessories, such as large earrings or eye-catching sunglasses, which will additionally emphasize the nonchalant character of the outfit.

Boots for spring

Who said that boots can only be worn in winter and autumn? You can wear them on slightly warmer days as well. Openwork boots will perfectly complement spring boho stylization, for example airy and subtle maxi dress. You can also dress them up with classic jeans tubes and an oversized shirt, and you can be sure that you will look great.

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