Dreaming of a firm bottom? Here are the best exercises for buttocks

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The beautiful, firm buttocks of celebrities and stars are not a gift of nature, but the result of hard work (unless there was surgical intervention). Instead of envying them, work on your bottom by doing these foolproof exercises. Remember to do them as directed, though. Get to work!

Classic squat

Feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward. Inhaling, do a squat, pulling your pelvis back and leaning your body slightly forward – it feels like you’re sitting on an invisible chair. Exhaling, we rise to the starting position and twist the hips, clenching the buttocks and putting the pelvis slightly forward. For balance, you can take weights in your hands.

Exercise principles:

  • bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, trying not to let them go behind your feet;
  • bring the knees straight forward, do not spread them out to the sides;
  • keep your back slightly bent at the waist level;
  • while squatting, don’t focus on the whole foot, but on the heel area;
  • don’t lower your pelvis too much. If you “sit” lower, the load on your knees will increase;
  • keep your glutes as tight as possible.

Wide squat

Position your feet wider than your shoulders, with your toes pointing out to the sides. On an inhale, lower your pelvis by bending your knees. As you exhale, lift yourself up while clenching your glutes tightly.

Rules of execution:

  • straighten your back and place it perpendicular to the floor;
  • focus on your heels and keep them on the ground;
  • deepen the squat as much as possible;
  • knees should not go behind the feet;
  • to make the exercise more difficult, stop for a few seconds in the lower position.

Alternating Crunches

Stand straight, feet together. Inhaling, take a wide step forward while bending your back leg at the knee. As you exhale, move your front leg back to the starting position. If you have massive hips and are afraid to increase your quadriceps muscles, perform this exercise less often than others.

Rules of performance:

  • your back is perpendicular to the floor, do not shift your center of gravity forward;
  • the angle of the knees should be 90 degrees;
  • the knee should almost touch the floor, but not protrude beyond the feet.

Pelvic thrust in lying position

Lie on your back with your arms along your body, bend your knees, and lean back on your heels. As you exhale, lift your pelvis as high as possible.

Rules of performance:

  • keep your knees in one position, they should not extend to the sides;
  • to make it more difficult, do not put your pelvis completely on the floor, only slightly lower it;
  • the shoulder blades should be pressed firmly to the floor, and the back should be straight.

Lifting the leg up

While standing on all fours (with emphasis on your knees and hands), straighten one leg back, parallel to the floor. Slowly lift the straightened leg, counting to 5, and lower it just as slowly. Lift your legs alternately.

Rules of performance:

  • try to pull the foot towards you;
  • while inhaling, try to lift leg slowly without jerking, with exhale lower it without touching the floor;
  • do not bend back, keep them in one position;
  • at the highest point tighten the buttocks and hold for a moment;
  • do not bend elbows and do not bend them to the sides.

Standing leg swings

Stand straight, stretch your arms out to the sides or in front of you, tense the buttocks. From this position, move your right leg back diagonally to the right, then your left leg to the left. Repeat several times.

Rules of execution:

  • tense your glutes tightly when performing;
  • keep your body straight and try not to wobble.

To prevent injuries, don’t forget to do a warm-up before your workout. At the end of the exercise, take 3-5 minutes to relax your muscles by stretching a little.

Main photo: Meghan Holmes/unsplash.com

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