Water sports – which will be best for you?

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Summer – the time of year when there is more free time. We often spend it by the water, where we can at least for a moment feel relief from the raging heat. In addition to the classic sunbathing, you can spend this time practicing water sports. Which of them to decide on?


This is probably the most popular form of spending time by the water. If you don’t know how to swim, you should consider taking swimming lessons. You can do this sport all year round – at indoor recreational pools. Swimming helps to relax the whole body and improves physical condition. People who suffer from back problems should especially pay attention to it


Sport, which is a level higher than swimming. Diving should be tried by brave and curious people. If only we have the right equipment and take a few lessons, we can explore the whole underwater world – coral reefs, exotic caves and picturesque bodies of water. Diving is a way to make unforgettable memories and get to know the water world from a completely different perspective


Kayaking is a sport for which you don’t need a special license. It’s enough to master the art of using a paddle and learn how to react in situations when the kayak overturns. Paddling improves our condition, strengthens our muscles, heart, circulatory and respiratory systems


Wakeboarding combines elements of surfing, snowboarding and water skiing. Standing on a special wakeboard, we hold on to a bar attached to a lift or a motorboat. In this way we glide through the water on a board. This sport, thanks to its dynamism and unpredictability, provides an amazing experience and supports the secretion of endorphins. While sliding, deep muscles responsible for stabilization of the spine are worked. The sport also teaches how to maintain balance and body equilibrium.


In kitesurfing, the driving force is the wind. A special board is attached to the feet by shoes, a harness called a trapeze is attached to the torso, and a bar is attached to the body to hold the profiled kite. Thanks to the waves and the force of the wind, the kitesurfer can get into the air. This sport has a positive effect on our condition and balance – we have to balance our body well in order to hold the equipment. Additionally, during surfing all muscles of our body are engaged


Windsurfing is a very popular sport lately, especially where water is rushed by wind and waves. A windsurfer stands on a special board and holds up a moving sail. He uses the wind and the balance of his body to move through the water. A great advantage of this sport is strengthening of the spine and arm and leg muscles


This sport may seem extremely difficult at the beginning, so it is worth taking the instructor’s advice. Thanks to a specially designed turbine and a tube, a flyboarder is able to float above water. Unforgettable experience and increased adrenaline level guaranteed!


Paddleboarding is a fairly new sport and every year it gains more and more fans. It involves propelling the board with a paddle while lying down or kneeling. This sport helps strengthen arm muscles and motor coordination

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