Bellies – what do they really give us and how to perform them correctly?

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Many people who dream of having a flat stomach believe that the ideal exercise to make these dreams come true is abdominals. What really give us and how to perform them correctly? We suggest!

Slim, but also firm and with outlined muscles abdomen – this is a dream of many people. However, to make this dream become reality, it is necessary to include in our training plan exercises for abdominal muscles, which include, among others, sit-ups. However, this is not a simple exercise, as it may seem on the surface. Only their correct performance can give measurable results.

Think abdominals will make you slimmer? Learn the truth about their results

Most people are wrong if they think that crunches will allow you to reduce body fat. These are exercises that serve to strengthen the abdominal muscles and model them. So if we do not additionally perform other activities, such as cardio, then we do not have anything to count on weight loss, performing only this exercise.

What does performing sit-ups really give us?

Bellies are an exercise that is mainly responsible for strengthening abdominal muscles. This is a very important muscle group, which is also largely responsible for stabilizing the entire human figure. After all, a strong abdomen is the “support” of the spine and relieves it somewhat. Especially when we suffer from back pain – mainly lumbar pain – it is a sign that the abdominal muscles are not in the best condition, so it is worth strengthening them to enjoy greater efficiency and better health.

These exercises for the abdomen can be performed in the traditional form, so lying down on a mat, but you can also diversify and perform them on a gym ball, then you will also work on maintaining balance.

How to do sit-ups correctly?

First of all, we can not start our adventure with abdominals from long and intensive series, because not only that we quickly get discouraged, but also certainly do not perform them correctly. What matters is quality, not quantity, to see satisfactory results. And if you master the correct technique of doing sit-ups, you will notice the first results after only 2 weeks of regular exercises.

It is best to start performing abdominals from their simplest form. Lie down on your back, preferably on a fairly soft mat, may also be a blanket (hard floor may cause discomfort during the exercise on the stomach), legs in the knees must be slightly bent, and the feet steadily rest the whole sole of the sole on the floor

Hands are braided under the head, they should be bent at the elbows (some people do not recommend braiding them, thinking that it is to facilitate the exercise). Then tighten the abdomen, on inhalation lift the shoulder blades slightly above the ground, and on exhalation return to the starting position and so repeat the exercise several times

When you gain experience and master the correct technique of doing sit-ups, then you can slightly diversify their form, for example, performing slanted sit-ups. The so-called obliques are great for strengthening both oblique and transverse muscles. How to perform this type of exercise for the abdomen?

Similarly to the regular ones, our starting position is lying on our back on the mat. After bending your legs at the knees, we put the foot of one leg against the other. With an exhale, pull your shoulder blades off the ground while twisting your torso so that your elbow touches the opposite knee. Inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise alternately on both sides. We can perform 3 series of 10 repetitions, but remember that it is the technique and its quality that counts, not mediocrity resulting from the quantity.

Not only to strengthen abdominal muscles

In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles, abdominals will improve our balance and stability, also increasing flexibility (the main thing is that the hips and back will be more flexible, and this will reduce the tension and stiffness of our muscles). An undoubted advantage of doing tummy tucks will also be the overall improvement of our posture. We will relieve the spine, especially the lumbar section.

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