Interval training at home. Examples of exercises

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Interval training is a way to quickly burn a lot of calories and improve your fitness. Most of these exercises can be done at home.

Interval training is a type of aerobic exercise, during which we alternate between high dynamics and a slightly lighter pace. The biggest work of our organism and muscles is done during the fast exercise phase. Light aerobic exercises such as trotting are designed to maintain burning and are the time to catch breath and gather strength.

Interval training – advantages

Interval training has many advantages. First of all it is recommended for people who want to burn calories – they care about reducing weight, and especially body fat. So interval training is good for losing weight. Its another advantage is building form. Thanks to intervals we improve our fitness, condition and efficiency of our body.

Another advantage of interval training is the time needed to perform effective exercises. It is enough to devote half an hour a day to intervals to see the first results after 3 weeks. Another unquestionable advantage of intervals is the possibility of performing exercises in any place. We can perform the workout in a gym, in the open air or at home.

Interval training at home

We can perform interval training in our own apartment. Depending on whether we have additional equipment or not, we can modify and diversify it.

The simplest example of exercises at home are those with the use of stationary bicycle. Training begins with a short, 10 minute warm-up. It is important to warm up the muscles, move the joints and prepare the body for intensive exercises. A few jumping jacks, bends, jogging on the spot and stretching should be enough.

With a stationary bicycle and a stopwatch we can easily do the interval training at home. The exercises start with a 5 minute ride on a bicycle at a relaxed pace. The next minute we devote to pedalling to the maximum! The next 3 minutes are spent riding at a fast but steady pace. Then we jump back into a dynamic minute again. The length of the calm and very intensive ride on a stationary bike can be shortened or extended depending on our condition and individual preferences.

Interval training can also be performed with the use of stairs. Even if we live in a block of flats there is nothing to prevent us from using the stairs in the staircase. Fast running up the stairs can be an intensive part of the workout. Taking a minute to catch your breath can be a steady walk or going up and down the last step. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, turn to face the top of the stairs. With your feet in a V-shape, step up the stairs with your right foot, add your left foot, and then step down again with your right foot.

Interval training in front of the TV

Ready-made sets of interval training to perform at home can be found on the Internet. Just turn on YouTube and you will find yourself in a professional gym for free. All you need is some space, a mat and some free time.
With ready-made training solutions comes, for example, Centrum Sportowca. Short workouts called Turbo Spalanie are 20 minutes long interval training programs.

Each series of turbo exercises, i.e. activities at a very fast pace, e.g. squats, crocodiles, skip A, is interrupted by a set of looser tasks. The list of exercises designed to sustain the burn includes: jumping jacks, boxing run, boxing dodges, skip C or high leg extensions.

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