Content in the online store. How to create a good product description?

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You have probably heard about the benefits of having good content on your website or online store, but you may not know what that means or why it’s so important to your business. Whether you sell products or services, providing comprehensive and informative descriptions on each of your items and services can help you attract more traffic, convert visitors into leads, and increase sales and profits overall. If you want to understand the value of e-commerce SEO services and start optimizing your online store today, read on to learn how to create good product descriptions.

Think about what you value as a customer and use it when planning your description

We all know how important content is on a website. But when it comes to an online store, content becomes even more critical because it is the main selling tool. A product description is one of the most important pieces of content on an ecommerce site because it convinces potential customers to buy your products.

The first step: choose the right keywords

If you want your potential customers to find your products easily, you need to use the right keywords in your product descriptions. To find the right keywords, start by brainstorming a list of words and phrases that describe your product. Then, use a keyword research tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer to see how many people are searching for those terms. Once you’ve found some high-traffic keywords, sprinkle them throughout your product descriptions in a natural way. Avoid stuffing your text with keywords because this will make it difficult for readers to understand what they’re reading.

The second step: readability

If your product descriptions are difficult to read, chances are your customers won’t bother reading them. Use short sentences and simple words to make your descriptions easy to read and understand. Also, break up your text with bullet points and headings to make it skimmable. Your text must be as easy to remember as possible. Boldface keywords in order to emphasize important points.

The third step: informations

This is the key moment. The description must not only be interesting but must convey information: what is the product or service, what variants to choose from (colors, sizes, personalization), and what are the payment and delivery methods. It’s important to emphasize the features of your product so that potential customers understand why they should buy it instead of something else. Describe how it’s different from other products on the market, and show how it can solve their problems. Give them reasons to buy this specific model and brand, not another one.

The fourth step: visual appeal

After you have planned what kind of content you are going to include in your product descriptions, it is time to start thinking about how they will look. The fourth step in optimizing your product descriptions is to make sure they have visual appeal. You want them to be visually appealing and easy on the eyes so that customers can easily read through all of the important information. Use graphics, photos, and videos when possible and appropriate, but keep them simple enough that they do not distract from the text.

The fifth step: calls to action

In e-commerce, a product description is the written content on the web page that describes the features and benefits of a product for potential customers. A good product description uses compelling language and imagery to tell customers why they should buy your product, not just what it is. There are two major aspects of writing an effective call to action: persuading readers that they need what you’re selling and convincing them to take action by clicking through the links you provide.

Watch out. Get rid of duplicate content!

If you are using the same product descriptions as everyone else, your potential customers will have a hard time finding your site. Plus, search engines may penalize you for duplicate content. The causes of the problem? Copying product descriptions, sorting products, paging products. In these situations, it is worth using the 301 redirect, establishing a canonical link, using tags or cooperating with a Galway SEO agency that will take care of your image.

Wrapping up

To sum up, creating a good product description is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to focus on the benefits that your product can bring to the customer, and not on its features. Also, try to use simple and clear language, so that even a person who is not very familiar with the Internet can understand what you are writing about. Finally, do not forget to proofread your text before publishing it on the site. If necessary, consult an expert or ask someone for help.


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