How to Style Your Hair at the Gym

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The gym is a place where we work up a sweat. How do we fix our hair up in a way that is practical and at the same time enhances our attractiveness? Here are some hair style suggestions for active women!

The classic ponytail for the sporty woman

The first practical and easy to style ponytail is a simple ponytail. It’s the perfect option if you have long hair. It is important to keep the elastic band tied to the ponytail in place so that it does not slip and is strong enough to hold the ponytail in place.

The Versatile Boxer Braid for Fitness Fans

Many women who work out regularly choose the top braided hairstyle (the so-called boxer braid). This comfortable and glamorous hairstyle keeps the hair in place and is especially suitable for women with bangs.

The practical chignon for the gym-goer

The last suggestion for an aesthetic and practical hairstyle for the gym is the chignon – high up and the hair will not bother us even during the most intensive training.

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