What and how to exercise during menstruation?

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Can’t imagine without your exercise routine? Does sport give you pleasure and satisfaction that nothing else can? You may have lived in the belief that you shouldn’t exercise during menstruation. No wonder – we have been used to this since our first menstrual periods, when we were exempted from physical education classes. Of course, some people need it, but did you know that menstrual pain can often be reduced through… exercise?

Is exercise during menstruation advisable?

Let’s start from the beginning – is physical activity during menstruation advisable? Although the experience of physical education classes at school may say otherwise, exercise during menstruation is not only advisable, but even desirable! Of course, first and foremost, you should consider your well-being and if you feel uncomfortable with going to the gym during your period, don’t force yourself to do it. However, there are no medical contraindications before exercising during this time, that is, until your gynecologist says otherwise. If in doubt, it is always best to see your doctor first, but if you are sure you are fit and healthy, don’t deny yourself a little sport! Exercising during menstruation can bring many benefits, which we will explain in this article. The most important thing is to feel comfortable while doing it. This will certainly be influenced by whether you use the right hygienic materials. A great solution is menstrual cups, which you won’t even feel. This is an excellent and eco-friendly alternative to tampons. Also great are menstrual panties, which still not many women know about! Fortunately, also pads and tampons are getting better and better every year, and by choosing the right model for your figure, you won’t even know you have them on. You can check them for example here: https://www.ekopteka.pl/pol_m_KOBIETY_Materialy-higieniczne-1700.html.

Why should you exercise during menstruation?

Many of us feel strong pains in the lower abdomen during our period. Although it is usually hard for us to imagine physical activity when our legs, spine or head hurts, in case of menstrual abdominal pain it is really worth betting on exercises. This is because activity and movement can make the tense muscles that cause cramps and pain relax, bringing you definite relief. Surely you don’t need to be told that your favorite exercises improve your mood. Exercise releases endorphins, which can be especially helpful when other hormones are kicking in during a particularly difficult time. By moving your thigh and lumbar muscles during exercise, you’ll loosen them up and relieve, if not completely eliminate, their cramping. Another positive of exercise? By making sure you eat healthy, you’re sure to experience some heartache when you feel the urge for sugary snacks as your period arrives. Physical activity… reduces that craving! And finally, here’s an interesting fact that not many people know – mainly because the stereotype that women are weaker and worse during menstruation is so vivid – during this time our body’s capacity actually increases. So why not take advantage of it?

Can you swim during your period?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason not to visit a swimming pool during menstruation. On the contrary! The cool water will ease the pain and your muscles will relax. Of course, we’re only talking about women who don’t have a problem with recurring intimate infections. If you have such a problem, a visit to the pool during menstruation can only exacerbate it.

When going to the pool during your period, you need to take care of the right tampons. But actually, what kind of tampons are suitable for a swimming pool? In fact, any kind. It’s best to use tampons in which you feel comfortable every day; they should fit your build and the amount of bleeding. If this is your first time with tampons, don’t focus on the pool visit itself. You should look for products that will best meet your needs. Eco-friendly menstrual cups are also an interesting alternative to classic tampons

What to exercise during menstruation?

You already know that exercising during menstruation can benefit your well-being. The question remains, what physical activity works best during this time?

  • stretching,
  • swimming,
  • walking,
  • nordic walking,
  • walking,
  • yoga and pilates.

What is better to wait?

There are exercises that are better left for later. Here are some types of physical activity that are not good during menstruation:

  • strength exercises,
  • long-distance running,
  • aerobics.

Remember that your comfort is most important. If you feel unwell while exercising, give up and return to exercise after your period.

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