Twine in 30 Days. Exercises for twine

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Proper stretching for twine, make even less limber girls, can do twine in 30 days. Check out how to do both women’s and men’s twine

With systematic exercises you can get to the full figure in up to a month! How fast you do it depends on the regularity and intensity of your exercises. If you want to do the twine in 30 days, you should perform stretching for twine every day. However, remember that biological factors such as tendon and joint susceptibility to stretching, body structure and collagen content also affect the results

Before you start preparing, be sure to take a look at our text: How to learn twine? Everything you need to know

First, warm up!

The first step, no less important than the next, is a good warm-up. It prepares tendons and all muscle groups for intensive stretching. Without it, do not even begin to exercise to the twine. The more you put into it, the better results you will see. Your warm-up should take about 10-15 minutes

The exercises that will best prepare you for twine are:

  • jumping jacks,
  • jumping jacks with your legs bent at the knees,
  • trunk rotations,
  • hip rotations,
  • trunk twists
  • arm circles
  • head circles
  • trotting with simultaneous alternate raising legs to chest and buttocks;

After completing the warm-up, you can move on to the next step, which is stretching exercises for twine.

Stretching for twine

The most important part of learning twine is stretching, and the key to success is proper exercises. It is equally important not to do them by force, as this can end in injury, and such stretching for twine can do more harm than good. Rather, don’t perform pulsing either. It used to be a popular practice during stretching, but now it is increasingly heard that it increases the risk of injury. Better results will come from slow deepening

The most recommended exercises for twine are:

  • Forward and backward walking trunks
  • Bends to the feet with legs apart and straight
  • Leg bends to straight legs in a sit-up
  • Bends to one straight leg in a sit-up
  • Flipper sit-up
  • Drawing the foot towards the buttocks
  • Butterfly stretches
  • Kneeling stretch
  • Warrior pose

Perform the exercises 2 at a time, lasting 30 seconds in each

Women’s twine exercises

Women’s twine is the simplest form of twine. With regular and properly selected exercises, it is possible for almost everyone to perform

This position is performed by placing the pelvis on the floor and positioning the legs along the torso – one in front and one behind so that they form a single line. Even hip alignment and straightening of the knees and back are key in this figure

To perform women’s twine:

  1. Step one leg forward
  2. Step the other leg back
  3. Carefully slide down until you feel a strong tension
  4. Hold in this position for 30 seconds

Male twine – exercises

Men’s twine is a much more difficult position, which is why it is recommended to practice it only after mastering women’s twine. It also requires more work, but even the most ambitious may not be able to fully perform it. If the structure of the pelvis and hip joints limits their mobility, stretching exercises for twine will not suffice. In addition, the male version should not be performed in case of tendon or groin injuries.

In this position, the legs are spread 180 degrees across the torso. Such a wide straddle requires a significant stretch of all thigh muscle groups

The next steps you need to take when doing male twine are

  1. Make a stride
  2. Lower your arms forward and support yourself with them to prevent injury
  3. Gently slide down until you feel a strong tension
  4. Hold in this position for 30 seconds

Don’t be discouraged

Stretching to twine is not the easiest of physical activities. If YOU need more time, it doesn’t mean you’re any less athletic. Even if, following our tips, you don’t think you’ll be able to get to that point in 30 days, don’t fret or get discouraged! Afterwards, appreciate your progress, praise yourself for your regularity, and take advantage of the fact that you’ve gotten into the habit of stretching daily!

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