Healthy alternatives to party snacks

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Snacks at a party are a staple. They are usually quite caloric treats, but there are more and more healthy alternatives on the food market. How to prepare them?

Whether it’s a birthday party, a gathering of a bunch of friends, or a game, we’re sure to reach for snacks on each of these occasions, but what are they for? Most of us will probably think of some salty sticks, nuts or crisps. However, this is too easy and unfortunately, but caloric and unhealthy choice. And you can prepare healthy alternatives to party snacks without too much effort. Here are some tips on how to get started!

Healthy and colourful, and so tasty! Simple ideas for party snacks

The most important rule which should be followed while preparing snacks is replacing calorific and hard to digest food products with those which are less calorific and healthier. Instead of white bread or hard to digest whole grain bread, we can buy rye crispbread. Sandwiches, especially mini sandwiches, which are quite popular party snacks, should not be spread with butter, or as some people do, with mayonnaise, because they are quite calorific. Instead, we can use hummus, or paste from chickpeas, which is healthy and tasty, and most importantly it can be purchased in almost every grocery store. Fruit and vegetable mixes are also great for snacks

Our 5 ideas for tasty and healthy party snack alternatives

Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables and mozzarella

Pickled and stuffed mushrooms are always a good idea for a quick snack. How to prepare them? Wash and dry the mushrooms and cut off their stems. Place parchment paper on a baking tray and put the mushrooms on it, cap side down. Inside the mushrooms put thinly sliced vegetables (e.g. bell pepper) and sprinkle with grated mozzarella. Bake them for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees. After taking them out you can sprinkle them with e.g. basil.

Shashliks with vegetables and chicken

Shashliks are a quick snack that reigns during the summer parties with a barbecue in the lead role. We can stuff it with whatever we feel like, and a healthy version will certainly be vegetable skewers. Peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions – these vegetables can’t be missing, and to make the shashlik more filling we can also stuff it with chicken pieces. Sprinkle the whole with a mixture of favorite herbs and grill until the ingredients are tender. Usually the shashliks are ready in less than 20 minutes.

Tomatoes with mozzarella and basil

This is a very healthy and express snack, just right for a party. Caprese is the Italian name for a salad of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, topped with olive oil and seasoned with pepper. It is perfect with red wine, and there is usually no shortage of this drink at parties either.

Homemade vegetable chips

Who can imagine a party without salty delicacy, which are chips? Probably not many people. But do not buy ready-made, which are caloric and full of so-called unhealthy chemicals. We can prepare our own homemade vegetable chips. Cut into thin slices potatoes, yams, beets, carrots and celery, season to taste, pour olive oil and bake in the oven for about 15 minutes on a baking tray on parchment paper. We guarantee that the taste of such homemade crisps will be unique

Mini sandwiches in fit version

Mini sandwiches can be prepared in any version. They can be for example with cottage cheese and radishes, but also with lean ham and slices of boiled eggs. They are best made with baguette, but you can also make a wholemeal version with wholemeal bread

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