How to dress in the summer? Proven tips for hot days

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In summer, clothes need to be airy and the fabrics we choose natural. It is not necessarily necessary to wear as few clothes as possible. It is often enough to choose the right material or color. Do you know what clothes are good for summer?

With these clothes you will not be afraid of hot weather

Not every hot day can be spent in an air-conditioned room, by the water or by a fan. Then you need to prepare properly for the clash with the high temperature. Ill-fitting clothes will make your body sweat faster and look unsightly. To this our thermal comfort will definitely deteriorate. Here is what clothes to choose for hot days.

Natural fabrics

Linen, cotton and silk are the fabrics that will be perfect for hot summer days. They are airy and cool down the body. Moreover, they allow our skin to breathe. This way we do not sweat and we look fresh all day long. It is worth noting that dresses and tops made of silk are a hit, this and last summer. However, linen and cotton do not go out of fashion for years. It is worth having such timeless clothes in your closet.

Light colors

It has always been known that dark colors attract the sun more. This is because the black color absorbs the sun’s rays. In summer, it is better to choose earthy colors, light beiges, classic white. Do not be afraid of colors – pastel pinks, blues and lilies are a must-have of this season. They beautifully emphasize your tan and go well with many outfits.


Hats, caps and kerchiefs are among the most popular headgear items in the summer. They protect against excessive sun exposure. Everyone is sure to find an accessory to match.

How to wear them? Hats go well with sporty outfits, but also as a complement to silk lingerie dresses and sneakers. Hats, especially large ones, are a beach accessory that goes well with a patterned kimono. They can also complement maxi length dresses. Parisian-style kerchiefs tied under the chin can be matched with silk shirts and linen pants, of course in light shades.

Short tops and shorts

High-waisted pants and a crop top? This combination can be seen on many streets around the world. The uncovered parts of your body will make you feel much cooler. You can mix and match them, and for evening outfits go for elegant wide pants and an oversized jacket.

Flowy dresses

Strapless dresses, dresses with an open back or neckline – nowadays the choice is almost endless. The important thing is that they are light and airy. Very fashionable at the moment are those with thin straps and buffet sleeves. They can be worn every day, but they are also perfect for a wedding or an elegant brunch.

Maxi dresses

Long dresses protect you from overexposure to the sun. For lightness and airiness, most of them are complemented with slits. Maxi dresses look beautiful on thin shoulder straps and cut off at the waist or under the bust. For a lavish party it is better to choose Spanish dresses in toned down colors.

Long linen pants

Wide linen pants look best in light shades. It is good if the legs are long, so that we avoid a lot of contact with the sun. It is worth mentioning that it is clothing with long sleeves and legs, of course, made of natural material, is the most common combination in exotic countries. It is there that people know how to protect themselves from UV rays and heat. It is worth taking an example from them.

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