How to take care of your skin in winter?

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Frost, strong wind, large fluctuations of temperature outside and inside, plus heated and dry air. Winter takes a heavy toll on our skin. So we need to take proper care of it. How? We will tell you all about it below!

Winter face care – what about moisturizing creams?

Much is said that the mandatory point of facial care is the application of a moisturizer. Yes, it is true, but not in winter – because of the presence of water in the composition, which could lead to dry skin. Therefore, such cosmetics we put aside for a few months and take out those with semi-oily and greasy formula. Then we can be sure that the skin will be properly protected.

What ingredients should we look for in creams? Certainly oils, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and glycerin, as well as aloe vera, allantoin and coenzyme Q10. This is also the ideal time to apply highly concentrated products like face serums and deep cleansing masks. Of course, it is also essential to apply sunscreen in the morning, which is absolutely not a cosmetic to be used only on vacations, but all year round.

It is equally important to take care of adequate hydration from the inside. While in summer we do not have much of a problem with drinking water, because it is simply hot, in winter it can be different. Regular hydration benefits not only the whole body, but also the skin. It is always good to have a bottle of water on hand, but also tea and vegetable shakes. Of course, the condition of your skin can vary depending on your lifestyle, stress level, and stimulants.

Hands and lips – sensitive to cold and wind

Winter weather is particularly hard on the hands and lips, both of which are exposed to dryness, chapping and cracking that is not at all pleasant and can even cause discomfort and pain.

How to take care of hand skin? First of all, an absolute must-have is wearing gloves. Without it there is no way. Then it is important to apply a nourishing hand cream, if not after each washing of the hands, then at least in a thicker layer at night

When it comes to your lips, start by hiding any stagnant or matte lipsticks that will make them feel even drier. The best choice are protective lipsticks – colorless or tinted – and thick glosses and lipsticks. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin regularly. Peeling can be done either with a special lipstick with particles or with a mixture of honey and sugar. A soft toothbrush will also work great.

Chemical peels, depilation, strong treatments – winter is the perfect time for it!

Winter is the perfect time to professionally take care of your skin, and that goes for your face as well as your body. No exposure to the sun, so and less risk of discoloration after treatments, in addition to less swelling and better healing wounds at this time of year makes many women decide to take advantage of aesthetic medicine

You should opt for chemical peels, laser hair removal, vascular closure, skin nevus removal, microdermabrasion and other powerful cleansing and rejuvenating treatments

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