Back to the gym after a long break? We suggest what to wear!

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Gyms finally open! Finally, after months of lockdown, you can head to the gym, take a sports class or lift weights! But before you head to the gym, find out what to wear to be comfortable.


Leggings are an indispensable element of sportswear. They are popular because, apart from being comfortable, they make your silhouette look slimmer and emphasize your body shape. Remember, however, to pay attention to the material when choosing them. It should be breathable, flexible and not restrict your movements. If you additionally want to run in it, especially in different weather conditions, bet on the thermoactive material, which will provide you with comfort during sport activities both on cold and hot days. You can bet on long or short leggings. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in them.

Sports bra

Another element that should not be missing when completing your gym outfit is a sports bra. It supports the bust perfectly, thanks to which not only the breasts do not interfere with exercises or cause discomfort, but most of all it protects and cushions them. The lack of proper protection of the bust can lead to the gradual stretching of delicate collagen fibers and thus cause the breasts to start sagging. So don’t forget to stock up on a well-supportive spot bra.


You can work out in a sports bra or throw an airy T-shirt over it. Opt for a tank top – a loose-fitting or fitted T-shirt with shoulder straps that will keep you cool and stylish.

Workout gloves

If you like to barbell train, do pull-ups or work out on the equipment at the gym, exercise gloves will help you with these tasks. They will help you take care of your hands, which quite often get unsightly blisters or mechanical damage to the skin after a hard workout.


Opt for soft and comfortable sneakers made of breathable fabrics. If you like running, make sure the sole is flexible enough.

What else?

A bag will help you pack everything. Choose one that will hold all your gym essentials. Don’t forget water, a towel, and spare underwear. If you shower after an intense workout, your bag should also include toiletries, flip-flops and an extra towel.

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