Crossfit. Find out if it’s the sport for you

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Crossfit, popular today, is an excellent option for those starting out in the sport. All you need to get started is a willingness to move, perseverance and a basic knowledge of training. You don’t need to buy specialized equipment. You can just get started! Learn the basic principles of crossfit!

The origins of crossfit

Crossfit is a sport that gained popularity in the 1990s. At the time, Greg Glassman developed special training rules for soldiers, firefighters and police officers. The main purpose of the training was to increase the body’s fitness. Glassman’s main goal was to make those in the uniformed services fitter and stronger. The ideal physique was a side effect of the exercises he proposed.

Basic principles of crossfit

Crossfit is a workout that focuses primarily on building the natural motor skills of the human body. The basis for this is exercises such as bends, squats and push-ups. Each of them should also use the trainee’s body weight. During the workout, larger muscle parts are engaged. As a rule, the workouts are short in duration, but they are sometimes really intense. They are varied, there is certainly no room for boredom here! Classrooms adapted for crossfit are equipped with bars, barbells, boxes or massive tires. Crossfit workouts draw from a variety of popular sports such as boxing, gymnastics, endurance sports and athletics.

The advantage of crossfit is that our body develops comprehensively. The training is not focused solely on achieving the ideal figure. The most important thing here is the overall aerobic capacity of the whole body.

Crossfit is a sport that is great to do in larger groups. During training, healthy, athletic competition is important. The athletes build a community among themselves. Communication and mutual cheering during competition are important.

A standard crossfit workout begins with a warm-up. The body during the first exercises is to prepare for further effort. The next stage, in most cases, is to learn proper technique. A seemingly simple squat will not have the desired effect if it is not performed correctly. Strengthening exercises using our body weight or a barbell also appear at this stage. The highlight of the workout is the WOD. Workout of the day, or “task of the day.” A WOD is a combination of exercises that engages all muscle parts to work. The trainee should keep in mind the correct technique and the pace adapted to his or her capabilities. 

When starting a crossfit adventure, it’s a good idea to have a mentor to monitor your workouts. The trainer can also adjust the training program in such a way that you can clearly feel the effects, but not get discouraged. The level of difficulty should be matched to our skills.

Crossfit is all about having fun. The workouts are always exhausting, but also rewarding. If you take up the challenge and decide to practice crossfit regularly, you will certainly see satisfactory results quickly. The key to success is perseverance and willingness. Only then can you achieve your goals and fall in love with the sport.

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