How to wear sporty looks every day?

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If you have once broken the rigid conventions of fashion and put elegant sandals with a sports dress, you will certainly never again ask yourself if it fits or if it is appropriate. When weighing the pros and cons, comfort should always come first. Sporty outfits do not have to be boring and unfeminine

Do you like wearing dresses but dread uncomfortable shoes that pinch your toes and chafe at your heels? Do you love flowy skirts, but don’t know what to wear to cover your shoulders? Or maybe you have several pairs of jeans in your closet, but don’t know which cut is best for you?

Today’s post will show you that breaking conventions is great and the looks you conjure up mixing sports and classics will blow you away!

Ugly shoes

Ugly shoes look insane when paired with dresses and skirts. Comfortable shoes will allow you to go for long walks, where every passer-by will have a chance to admire your look. You will be comfortable in such style and you will do your shopping in peace. Who knows, maybe you will inspire others to spice up their sporty looks?

Black T-shirt as the main look

A plain, sporty T-shirt with the motif of your favorite rock singer with a leather lederhosen is the perfect fusion of sports, music and timeless classics.

Coat and sport

A sporty top, jeans and sneakers, combined with an original coat, is the perfect outfit for work, shopping and coffee with friends.


Don’t be afraid of colors. A seemingly simple sporty look will gain character if you opt for vibrant colors full of energy!

Sporty sachet

Who said that a sporty kidney bag from a popular company will look bad with red boots and a coat? Nobody! And that’s why you can reach for sports bags, backpacks and kidneys

Sporty clothes with inscriptions

Comfortable, loose pants with the inscription Boxing not only after training! Together with a shirt and jacket they start to look completely different. Sporty and elegant in one!

Dress, blouse – two nephews

Don’t be afraid to combine your favourite sports blouses with dresses. This look has got style! It’s the perfect mix of styles and above all, it’s trendy and comfortable.

Open sweatshirt

Combine an unbuttoned sweatshirt with a more elegant outfit underneath in an unusual way. The well-known three stripes on a tracksuit with a silk blouse? These two elements can create a cohesive look.

Surprising accessories for sportswear

Give sporty casual outfits a new lease of life with interesting accessories. Big, colourful earrings and sunglasses give an incredible boost to casual jeans and a sports blouse. We are totally on board!

Remember that sports bras go well with short summer skirts. You can add elegance to sporty tunics with stylish boots. Leggings, which you usually wear during workouts, look great with longer blouses and shirts

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