Tennis skirts – how to wear them?

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The tennis skirt can be worn on the court and not only on the court, as the trends of recent seasons prove. It’s all down to the increasingly popular athleisure look. What can you do to look stylish in a tennis skirt?

What is athleisure?

Athleisure refers to a shift towards sustainable fashion. This trend is all about comfort and convenience. At the same time, it is minimalist in style. The name itself is a combination of two words: athlete and leisure. Simply put, it is a mix of sporty and informal style. Athleisure women combine a sweatshirt and baseball cap with large pearl earrings. At other times, elegant sandals with thin stiletto heels are worn with sweatpants and a crop top. This trend has given rise to the wearing of bikinis with everyday outfits

What are the characteristics of tennis style?

Tennis is a sport associated with an elite group of society. Therefore, clothes for playing tennis are more than just a simple tracksuit and sneakers. These are quite elegant outfits made of airy and good quality materials. Due to their chic character, they can also be worn off-court on many informal occasions. Tennis style is timeless: it is distinguished by simplicity in both form and cut. Although new trends emerge every year, the basis of the clothing remains the same. The color scheme is also quite limited, although recently there have been accents in vibrant and neon colors.

Who can wear tennis skirts?

The tennis style, thanks to its classic cuts and styles, can be worn by anyone. Women who don’t have the figure of a professional tennis player also look good in tennis skirts. People with wide hips should choose models with a trapeze cut, so as not to broaden the silhouette additionally

Quick white total look with tennis skirt

Tennis skirts usually come in white colors. Therefore, it is easy to create a white total look with them. Pair it with a white T-shirt or top and sneakers to create a perfect style for hot days. Light-colored clothing is more suitable for sunny weather. This style also accentuates beautifully tanned skin

Tennis Skirt and Oversized Sweatshirt

This unconventional combination adds a touch of flair to your outfit. Pair the tennis skirt with a casual sweatshirt for a look reminiscent of American collage wear. This is a great solution for slightly colder days – the warm sweatshirt protects you from the cold and the whole outfit looks trendy.

Tennis skirt and v-neck sweater

This look is also reminiscent of the American schoolgirl. However, it is much more elegant. The v-neck sweater can be classic or a woollen sleeveless sweater. However, always combined with a tennis skirt will create a charming set.

For formal occasions – tennis skirt and blazer

This combination fits perfectly into the athleisure philosophy. It combines elegance with sportiness, creating an original combination. The jacket can be in the same color as the skirt, but can also be contrasted. Complete the outfit with shoes, which, depending on the occasion and your preferences, can be comfortable sneakers or stiletto sandals

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