Jewelry perfect for casual outfits

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Jewelry is a very elegant decoration, but it should be matched both to our type of beauty and the whole styling and occasion. Jewelry can be worn on important occasions, but it is also worth having one that will be suitable for everyday styling. We suggest what jewelry is best for every day.

Casual style

This is nothing else than everyday style which should be adjusted to our lifestyle or job function. Casual style requires less accessories, however it is worth betting on proper jewelry, which will emphasize your everyday style.

Jewelry for everyday life

When choosing jewelry for casual style it is worth to pay attention to comfort of wearing. Well chosen jewelry will enhance your self-confidence and will not disturb your everyday duties. It is therefore important to remember that everyday jewelry should be comfortable and act as an addition to stylisation. Properly chosen can change character of even the simplest stylization.

Gold or silver?

Many women prefer silver because it goes with everything. However more and more of us decide on gold. It is a classic solution, perfect for casual stylizations. You can choose classic, but also pink or white gold.

Jewelry should be chosen accordingly to particular style. If we usually dress in a sporty style, we will choose a different kind of jewelry than the one we wear to a smart casual style.


Casual outfits are usually subdued and characterised by simplicity. Therefore, delicate necklaces, which subtly emphasize the character of an outfit, are an ideal solution. To every style will suit for example silver celebratory necklace. We can easily wear it with a sweater, blouse or shirt.

A classic chain will also suit every outfit. Depending on whether you prefer silver or gold, you can decide on your favorite material. A simple chain without any pendants is a very subtle piece of jewelry. However if you want to have a pendant on your chain, you can opt for a subtle addition of one of the popular designs, for example a heart or infinity symbol.

The choice of neck ornament should also be adjusted to the type of neckline. Strapless clothes will look best with short necklaces, while for turtlenecks it is recommended to wear heavier necklaces. V-shaped necklines go well with similar necklaces.


Bracelets are also an everyday accessory. You can opt for classic and choose gold or silver, thin chain or more massive bracelet with your favourite stone. A very universal choice are celebratory bracelets. Another interesting option are bracelets made of thongs. This is the perfect complement to both sporty and more elegant style.

If you decide on large, expressive bracelet it is better to resign from wearing more ornaments on your hands. It is not worth to wear many bracelets and rings as it will give the impression of chaos. When it comes to finger ornaments, wedding rings will be the most suitable. They are delicate and will go well with both delicate and massive bracelets.


The best option to adorn your ears will be small screw earrings. Depending on whether the rest of your jewelry is gold or silver, the earrings should also be made of this metal. You can also bet on small circle earrings, which will not be very conspicuous, but will certainly emphasize both the character of styling and the person who wears them.

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