5 reasons to exercise before work

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We tend to associate mornings with rushing. No one is likely to feel like exercising in the morning or have time to do so. Consequently, many people prefer to work out in the afternoon or evening. But why not start exercising in the morning? In today’s post, we present 5 advantages of doing so.

The advantages of morning exercise

Better concentration

Why exercise in the morning before going to work, school or university? Yes, most of us are sleepy and a bit dazed, but this is only a temporary state. The body regenerated after the whole night is able to devote much more energy to training. Thanks to this our organism is better supplied with blood, oxygenated, and we feel much better and have better concentration. As research shows, morning training has an extremely positive effect on the brain. It is perfect for people who work mentally and do sedentary jobs.

More time for yourself in the evening

Most people’s morning is limited to a quick shower, getting dressed and eating breakfast. However, as it turns out, it’s much easier to find the strength to exercise in the morning than in the evening. After returning home we usually have a lot of responsibilities, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning or playing with the children. Many people then only dream about lying down on the couch and relaxing with a book or in front of the TV. When we exercise in the morning, we do not have to face such dilemmas. We do a short workout and get ready to go out. External factors that may disrupt the workout plan are kept to a minimum. What is more, by choosing to exercise in the morning, we gain a lot of free time in the afternoon and evening.

Smaller appetite

Anyone looking to lose weight will be pleased to know that morning training effectively reduces appetite. This is done on two levels. Physical activity reduces the desire to eat heavy, high calorie meals during the day. The psychological factor is also worth mentioning here. If we start our day with healthy activities, we have much less desire to undo the achieved results at our own request. This is of great importance for our well-being, self-realization and motivation level.

A stimulated organism

The moment we start our morning training, we stimulate our body to action and make all its mechanisms start working. This includes the tendons and muscles, as well as the metabolism. Physical activity in the morning contributes to the activation of individual processes, keeping them in this state for a very long time. The result – fast, effective burning of fat tissue. It should also be mentioned here that during sleep, there is a decrease in the level of glycogen in the liver and muscles, as well as blood sugar. As a result, after a good night’s sleep, our body has no reserves of quickly assimilable sugars, which makes it eagerly reach for fat reserves. It is much better to accelerate metabolism during the day than in the evening. Increased blood pressure and accelerated heart rate negatively affect the process of falling asleep and effective sleep. It is completely different in the case of a morning workout.

Quite a few people can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee or energy drinks. Exercises performed in the morning are able to effectively eliminate the desire for these types of unhealthy stimulants. This has a direct impact on our health. Good blood circulation, high dose of oxygen and movement contribute to the improvement of well-being and condition of the body. This makes the morning workout a proven way to get a large dose of healthy energy for the whole day.

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