Exercises for beautiful and firm breasts

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Did you know that you can influence the appearance of your bust? In what way? By training, of course! The effects of systematic exercise can surprise you! See how to firm your bust!

A well-fitting bra is the basis

Before you learn about exercises to improve the shape of your bust, be sure to check your closet. Take a peek in it and make sure you have a good quality bra. If not, you should purchase one as soon as possible. An ill-fitting bra causes discomfort and affects the overall appearance of your breasts. A great idea would be to go to a professional brafitter, who will fit the perfect bra for you.


You can improve the appearance of your breasts by working out even at home. The effects of training will be the same as in a gym with professional equipment.

1. Bottle stretches

This is a simple exercise. To perform them, first arrange for yourself two liter bottles filled with water and a chair. Sit on it and straighten up. Grasp the bottles in your hands. Raise your arms bent in an “L” upwards. Bring them closer together so that your forearms touch in front of your chest. Remember to tighten your muscles when returning your arms to the starting position. Try doing two series of twenty repetitions to start with.

2. Stretches with straight arms

This exercise is very similar to the one above. Again, you need bottles and a chair to perform it. The differences are in the way the forearms are positioned. The starting position is to place the hands horizontally, at a ninety-degree angle. Importantly, the palms should face inward from the body. Make semicircular, sweeping movements. The hands should make contact with each other at a certain point. 

3. Move your arms with a weight behind your head

An effective exercise for bust firming is to carry weighted hands behind the head while lying down. The exercise strengthens the whole body. It also has a great effect on the breasts. Lie down comfortably on a mat. Grab a bottle and move your hands behind your head.

4. Classic push-ups

Classic push-ups are really great exercises for firm breasts. By performing them you will additionally strengthen the muscles in your chest. If you are unable to do standard push-ups, try from the so-called ladies’ push-ups. Rest your hands and knees on the floor. Brace your spine. Your back must be straight while performing the exercise! Only then will you get the desired results. Bend your shoulders and lower yourself slowly, stopping before touching the ground. It is best to perform about 10-15 push-ups in three consecutive series.

5. Push-ups performed “on the wall”

This is a very simple exercise. Stand facing the wall and rest your hands on it. Bend and straighten your arms. Repeat “push-ups on the wall” about 20 times performing a minimum of three series.

6. Stretching on the “roller”

Long hours of work in front of a computer screen tire the whole body. The posture forced then makes the chest close. The exercise that makes it return to proper alignment is very simple. Lie on your back on a mat. Bend your legs. Put either a roller or simply a rolled up towel under your body, from head to pelvis. Spread your arms out to the sides, relax and breathe. The exercise further regenerates and relaxes the body.

main photo: unsplash.com/Anastasia Hisel

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