4 hairstyles fit for hot weather

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Having long hair is a great asset for any girl. The undone hair blowing in the wind captivates every boy. The problem comes when the thermometer shows 30 degrees and you don’t know how to tie your hair up.

The best solution is certainly an updo. A sweaty neck and sticky hair is an unpleasant image. However, ponytails do not always fit your face shape or style. Which Hairstyles to Try?

The best hairstyles for summer

One alternative to the regular ponytail is the “top knot” hairstyle. This is a regular ponytail, but done on top of the head and wrapped with rubber bands or secured with a bobby pin. If you have a fringe, you can either stand it up and mist it lightly with hairspray, or let it fall to the sides of your face.

If you want to go for something wild, split your hair in half and create two side buns. These are perfect for hot weather and make you look girly and adorable.

A hairstyle idea for hot weather is the French braid. A matching braid will prevent neck sweat and keep your hair in place. If you are not able to do it yourself, opt for a classic braid.

Main photo: Brooke Cagle/unsplash.com

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