These vitamins will keep you not only healthy but also looking beautiful

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Skin is one of our business cards. In particular, on the face, neck, cleavage and hands. Very often it is the condition of the skin that reveals our age. What can be done to keep this largest human organ in good shape and looking good?

Vitamins work well not only for immunity. It is also a way to take care of the condition of the skin, hair and nails from the inside. What vitamins have an impact on a beautiful appearance? We suggest!

Vitamin C for beautiful and healthy skin

Vitamin C is good for the skin. It can be found in both the epidermis and the dermis. Its supplementation – both the synthetic form and the inclusion in the diet of products with a high content of it, is the key to maintaining a youthful appearance. Vitamin C:

  • plays an important role in the body’s natural collagen synthesis,
  • has antioxidant properties,
  • helps in cell regeneration,
  • accelerates wound healing,
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles,
  • improves skin tone and prevents it from drying out,
  • strengthens blood vessels – prevents the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins,
  • helps reduce discoloration.

Vitamin E for maintaining a youthful appearance and fighting acne

Another vitamin for health and beauty is vitamin E. It is sometimes interchangeably referred to as the vitamin of youth. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant, thanks to which we can inhibit the skin aging process. In addition, vitamin E has the ability to build into the structures of cell membranes and intercellular cement. This leads to elasticity of the skin, good hydration, as well as restoration of its softness and smooth structure.

Vitamin E protects against harmful UV radiation and neutralizes the effects of excessive sunbathing. It is also responsible for regulating the production of sebum. With its help we can cure inflammation of the skin and fight acne.

Vitamin K for swelling, bruises and dark circles under the eyes

Vitamin for health and beauty is undoubtedly vitamin K. Its presence in the body is crucial for proper blood clotting. Vitamin K accelerates the healing of wounds, bruises, helps fight stretch marks, spider veins and dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K should be taken by patients after surgery – thanks to it wounds heal faster and scars are absorbed.

Vitamin D – synthetic sun

Another vitamin good for the skin is vitamin D. It is well known that excessive exposure to the sun damages the skin and leads to faster aging. However, lack of exposure to the sun leads to a significant decrease in vitamin D levels in the body, which carries negative consequences.

Vitamin D does not only affect immunity and well-being. It is also very important from the perspective of skin care. It helps in the fight against psoriasis, improves skin tone, supports the processes of epidermis exfoliation and rapid regeneration. Vitamin D also shows strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamins of the B group

The key vitamins for health and beauty are those of the B group. They are responsible for proper hydration, tension and firmness of the skin. Especially important here are vitamins B2 and B3. The first is responsible for the processes of keratinization and regeneration of the epidermis. Its deficiency results in dry, dull skin. It can also cause the appearance of cavities – unsightly cracks in the corners of the mouth. Vitamin B3 is responsible for moisturizing the skin.

Vitamin B complex will help you effectively fight acne, phlegm, excessive hair loss. It is also a remedy for rough, dull and dry skin. Its supplementation, especially during autumn and winter, will allow us to maintain a radiant and fresh look.

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