What happens to our bodies when we give up sugar, salt or dairy?

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Sugar and salt are found in almost every product. Dairy, on the other hand, is consumed in excess by most of us. When you eliminate their excess from your diet, you will see how positively it will affect your body

How do sugar, salt and dairy work?

Natural sugar is included in all fruits and vegetables. In this form, it is not harmful to humans, because the products have a large volume and satiate for a long time. Synthetic sugar, on the other hand, has no positive effect on the body. It is one of the most addictive substances in the world. The worst sugars are the added ones, they include sucrose, fructose, glucose and glucose-fructose syrup. They are not an essential part of a healthy diet, they are responsible for metabolic disorders, obesity or rapid drops in energy

Salt, on the other hand, is a dangerous additive because it is found in every product. It is difficult to measure by ourselves how much of it we consume daily, but we guarantee that it is not the smallest values. It is assumed that 65% of sodium comes from table salt and the rest from processed products. Salt causes water retention in the body, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, in addition, people with hypertension should avoid it

Dairy products are difficult for our body to digest. It is a strong allergen, so many people are allergic to it. It often has a negative impact on the figure and skin condition

The advantages of limiting sugar in your diet

By eliminating sugar from your diet, you will notice positive changes within the first few weeks. Admittedly, at the beginning you will have to fight with a headache and craving for sweet taste, but over time it will bring only benefits. After quitting sugar, your body will no longer have energy dips. You will no longer need afternoon naps, and your body will try to maintain the same energy level throughout the day

Moreover, your sleep will become deeper at night, which will positively affect your body’s faster recovery. Giving up sugar has an incredible effect on the state of your complexion. This sweet ingredient is often responsible for pimples, acne and inflammation. After 30 days of limiting its consumption, your skin condition will improve significantly

Sugar belongs to empty calories, so its absence in the diet affects the faster reduction of body fat. In addition, highly nutritious meals without sugar will ensure that you will not have hunger pangs during the day, your teeth will be in better condition, and your money will stay in your wallet instead of being spent on sweets

Benefits of limiting salt in your diet

It doesn’t take much effort to exceed the necessary amount of salt in your diet. It is estimated that an adult should consume about 5 grams of sodium per day, this is equivalent to one small flat teaspoon. However, research shows that a statistical Pole consumes 20 g of salt a day, which is four times more than the acceptable norm

Excessive salt consumption makes us lose the ability to experience other tastes. Instead of a whole range of spices, it comes to the foreground, and the average person can not appreciate and know the taste of dishes without it. After reducing it, you will notice other spices, such as herbes de Provence or basil. Reducing salt has a positive effect on blood pressure, as it becomes equalized, in addition, your mood improves significantly, and persistent muscle cramps disappear.

Benefits of reducing dairy in the diet

The first noticeable change after giving up dairy is the absence of a feeling of heaviness after eating it and a reduction in bloating. We often find that it was responsible for a protruding and bloated belly

Unfortunately, store-bought dairy can contain numerous hormones that affect your body. First of all, after its withdrawal, the complexion improves, inflammation disappears. What’s more, milk stimulates the secretion of insulin, an excess of which is responsible for hormonal problems, which can eventually lead to obesity and diabetes. Therefore, dairy withdrawal indirectly affects weight loss.

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