What is worth supplementing in autumn?

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Autumn and winter is quite a difficult time for our body. Very limited access to the sun, less time outdoors, on top of that the changeable, rainy weather. All these elements add up to an ideal scenario of an imminent cold. How, then, to remedy it? It’s worth supplementing, of course! 

Fortunately, there is no shortage of quality products on the market that will improve your well-being and immunity! Let’s learn about those that are actually worth taking in autumn.

A set of vitamins for better well-being!

If you care about improving your mood in autumn or winter, it is worth taking care of yourself from the inside and, above all, not to act ad hoc. Everyone’s body needs a set of vitamins and sunshine to function properly at any time of the year. It is certainly worth taking care of vitamin D3 supplementation. It is the one that is called liquid sunshine and simply gives energy to live. Of course, it is worth adjusting the amount to your own needs, so as not to overdo it. And deficiency and excess are not advisable in both children and adults. Another issue is vitamin C, which significantly improves the body’s immunity and makes infections will not frighten you. It is worth taking it already at the end of the vacations to build up adequate immunity. Also, do not forget about vitamin B. It is she who is ideal for nerves and lack of mood. On top of that, it has a soothing effect on those who suffer from insomnia, depression and temporary lowering of mood. It is worth remembering that B vitamins should be used especially by people who do not eat meat. Their lack can result in a decrease in energy and nervousness. To boost your energy for life, don’t forget mainly vitamin B12!

Remember about omega acids!

It’s not only vitamins that are important, but also omega-3 fatty acids, which strongly affect immunity. You can get them from fish and seafood, but it’s worth supporting your body and applying them in the form of fish oil or pills. Bet on a simple composition and proven sources, so that only beneficial ingredients will enter your body. Omega-3 fatty acids will not only support your immunity, but will help you keep a sober, receptive mind, even on very cloudy days, when the aura is clearly unfavorable. Before choosing particular supplements, it’s a good idea to do blood tests to see what your body is lacking. Not everyone needs a doubled dose of B vitamins, in which case it is worth taking less. Moderation is highly recommended for proper supplementation. Many women also choose to take special care of their skin, hair and nails. Then you can use products that contain curcumin, which additionally manifests anti-inflammatory properties. So it extinguishes eczema, allergies, and on top of that, helps you recover from a cold. Collagen is also excellent, which has a salutary effect on the condition of the skin at any time of the year. It visibly improves its elasticity, smoothness and vitality.

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