Follow these tips and you will avoid the yo-yo effect

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The yo-yo effect is feared by every person who is trying to lose excess weight. Not only is it a challenge to lose the excess weight, but you also have to reckon with a return to your previous weight, or even a significant increase in weight compared to the original state. However, the yoyo effect can be avoided. How?

What is the yo-yo effect?

The yo-yo effect is the regaining of weight after a weight-loss diet. It can happen many times. The yo-yo effect occurs when, 5 years after you stop dieting, your body weight increases by more than 5% of the weight you gained.

Causes of the yo-yo effect

The yo-yo effect may have several causes. First and foremost is the lack of consistency in weight loss. Once weight loss is complete, a significant number of people return to their previous (not necessarily healthy) eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. This is a sign for the body that it needs to accumulate reserves for the next “period of hunger” and this leads to weight gain. In addition, during low-calorie diets the metabolism slows down. Lack of exercise and the habit of snacking between meals also have a significant influence

How to avoid the yoyo effect?

1. Contact a dietician

A visit to a dietician will allow you to get to know all the needs of your body. The specialist will choose a diet that will provide you with all the necessary nutrients. They will also take into account your lifestyle, family history of diseases and level of physical activity

2. Remember to eat regular meals

The key to a healthy diet is eating at regular times. Stick to the “less but more often” rule and eat 5-6 meals a day. This will help you get rid of hunger attacks and prevent you from reaching for junk food and sweets

3. Do not forget to drink water

In order to hydrate your body well, you should drink 1.5 l of water a day. Then your body will not retain water inside and your weight will start to drop. Non-carbonated water is best. Avoid sweetened juices or flavored waters that contain huge amounts of sugar

4. Cut yourself some slack

Our psyche plays a very important role during weight loss. If you happen to go out with friends on Friday evening for a beer and pizza – don’t blame yourself. Such occasional deviations from the diet will not affect its final effect. The most important thing is to return to the dietician’s recommendations after such special occasions

5. Gently leave the diet

After the end of the diet, do not throw yourself greedily on all the things that you could not eat during weight loss. Gradually introduce new dishes that were not in your diet. Going back to your old habits too abruptly will surely end in a yo-yo effect

6. Maintain healthy eating habits

Ending a diet doesn’t mean that you can eat everything again from now on. Make healthy habits part of your regular menu: replace white bread with dark bread, and cream with yogurt. This does not mean to give up sweets and fast food completely. These small habits will allow you to enjoy your new weight for as long as possible and avoid the yoyo effect.

7. Do not forget about physical activity

Playing sports is the easiest way to avoid the yo-yo effect. It is easy to find a sport that is fun and keeps you fit and healthy

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