6 things cigarette smoke does to your skin

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Cigarette smoke harms our health on many levels. Smokers usually have an increased skin aging process, so it is difficult to maintain a radiant and healthy looking complexion while smoking. Nicotine and other dangerous chemical compounds have toxic and carcinogenic effects, so it is best to give up this unhealthy habit once and for all

Smoking cigarettes not only inhales nicotine smoke into the lungs, but it is absorbed by cell membranes throughout the body. Our skin is also exposed to the negative effects of smoking and it tends to age much faster, have a grayish tint and be more prone to blemishes. Find out why smoking is not only detrimental to your health, but your skin suffers as well

6 negative effects of smoking that harm your skin

Acceleration of skin aging

According to a study of smokers, smoking regularly ages the skin by up to 10 years! Most women try to stop the clock by using cosmetics and skin care products to protect their skin from premature aging. Smoking counteracts all these efforts and accelerates the time when skin loses its vitality and youthful glow

Gray skin tone

People who inhale cigarette smoke every day cannot boast of radiant skin. Nicotine penetrates the cell membrane and gives the skin an unattractive gray color. Small blood vessels are constantly dilated, which is manifested by the presence of vascular spider veins on the skin.

“Smoker’s wrinkles”

Smoker’s wrinkles are characteristic furrows formed around the mouth area. They are associated with excessive work of the muscles around the mouth, which work when inhaling cigarette smoke. Such wrinkles look very unsightly, especially if they appear on the face prematurely

Reduced skin elasticity and ability to regenerate

Chemical compounds contained in nicotine smoke contribute to the formation of free radicals. These in turn have a very negative effect on the keratinocytes, fibroblasts and blood vessels of the skin. Damage in this area interferes with the natural process of collagen and elastin synthesis, which directly results in less firm and elastic skin. Smokers have reduced levels of vitamins and nutrients which directly translates to less ability for skin regeneration and wound healing.

Increased incidence of inflammation

Smokers are more likely to experience skin inflammation due to lower vitamin and nutrient levels. This is especially true for those who suffer from skin problems. Sometimes smoking cigarettes can hinder recovery

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