Aqua aerobics – types of exercises and its impact on the figure

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Aqua aerobics has until recently been associated with exercises for seniors or people who are fat or ill. Today, it is known that it is an excellent way to exercise for everyone, regardless of age or body weight

It is recommended for people who, as a result of various injuries, cannot perform exercises at the gym. Do you want to find out more?

Here is everything you should know about aqua aerobics

One of the most important issues is the fact that in aqua aerobics you don’t need to be able to swim. Exercises are performed in shallow pools of water, mostly up to your waist. When the intensity of classes increases, one moves to deeper water. There are many exercises to choose from, from traditional aerobics, to foam exercises, and ending with an underwater bike. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this sport.

Aqua aerobics, or the benefits themselves

For years this form of activity has been recommended to people who need rehabilitation. Water makes it easier to move and perform many exercises. It is even suitable for people who have problems with walking. Water exercises improve agility and muscle performance, and do not strain the spine

What is important, water cools the body during such exercises, which reduces the feeling of fatigue. In case of women, aqua aerobics works as a lymphatic massage, helps to fight cellulite and supports toxins removal from the body. It is a pleasant way to improve your condition, sculpt your figure and build muscle mass.

Water exercises in practice

During aqua aerobics, muscles are not overloaded, as is the case with traditional exercises. Water exercises are usually accompanied by music, which also improves the comfort of the workout. Everything is, of course, supervised by a qualified trainer who sets the pace and shows how to perform individual figures. Aqua aerobics is divided into three stages, which can be divided according to the depth of water:

  • shallow without equipment,
  • medium with the possibility of adding various accessories,
  • deep with foam barbells and weights.

Each of them is adapted to the skills and level of advancement of the class participant. To increase the resistance of the water, thus increasing the level of difficulty of individual exercises, you can also add plastic bottles filled with air, gloves or special reels.

Recently, two more disciplines have appeared – stationary bicycles under water and water trampolines. The intensity of these exercises is greater than those performed in the hall. They are more interesting, and their popularity is growing exponentially. During 45-minute classes, you can burn 500 kcal.

Exercise program – aqua aerobics:

  • typical aqua aerobics – exercises performed during these classes resemble traditional aerobics;
  • step aerobics – exercises are performed on a step that is fixed to the bottom of the pool;
  • marching and running in water – exercises are designed to improve fitness, efficiency of the respiratory and circulatory systems;
  • exercises with the use of foams, so called macaroons – these foams are useful in rehabilitation and strength training. You can sit on the noodles, push them through the water or float above the surface of the pool. All this is due to the buoyancy of the foam from which they are made;
  • abdominal exercises – performed with the use of equipment such as foam.

Aqua aerobics is a great combination of fun and physical activity.

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