Not only sports stars, but also activists. 3 inspiring sportswomen of the younger generation

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In the world of sports, there is no shortage of people who very quickly become motivation for many people. No wonder: their steadfastness, persistence and titanic work are simply worthy of emulation. Let’s meet the most inspiring female athletes!

Women in the world of sports – an inspiration for all

Women are increasingly making their mark in the world of politics, science, as well as sports. There is no shortage of ladies who can inspire both women and men to act or make changes in their lives!

Sportswomen from whom it is worth taking an example

In the lives of sportswomen, regardless of gender, what matters most is determination and diligence. Their lives are subordinated to training, diet, and competitions. They usually have no time for anything but perfecting their form and skills. Of course, there are also public appearances, and a lot of pressure on top of that. So it is necessary to find time also to meet with a sports psychologist. 

Such people have tremendous pressure under which they live all the time. Even when they have a break between competitions, they have to keep in shape and watch what they eat. This is why their attitude, and often their lives before their successes, is so inspiring to many and shows that only with hard work can we truly succeed.

Naomi Osaka – a tennis player with the spirit of a gladiator

Interestingly, Naomi Osaka is not only a successful tennis player who has won a Grand Slam, but also one of the leaders of the WTA ranking. Her American-Japanese background makes her fiery temperament bubble up. On top of that, the woman is incredibly motivated to win. The sportswoman also appeared on the cover of American Vogue, in which she told what it was like to achieve practically everything at such a young age.

A documentary has also been made about her, produced by the Netflix streaming platform. Naomi became so mentally strong and indomitable because of her life experiences. For years, she was harassed because of her appearance and background.

Scha’Carri Richardson – uncompromising and original

This runner, who is one of the hottest names in the fashion world, has already appeared at the Olympic Games despite her young age. The woman stands out not only for her incredible speed, but also for her appearance. Despite the fact that she is involved in sports, she always shows her style, even at important events. She relies on colorful outfits and long nails, which certainly make her stand out among basically all female athletes. 

It is also worth mentioning her incredible honesty, which not everyone in the sports world can afford! The woman was not allowed to compete in the Tokyo Olympics due to the presence of narcotic substances – marijuana – in her anti-doping sample. She wrote on Twitter at the time that she was only human. Her worse mood was caused by the death of her mother. 

Simone Biles – a gymnast pushing the limits

The woman is considered one of the most promising stars in gymnastics. Already she has to her credit, among other things, a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The woman sets boundaries for herself that are downright insurmountable for the common man. 

However, her life has not been strewn with roses. Over the years she has been in many foster families. This is because her biological mother was incapable of taking care of both her and her siblings. However, this only made her stronger and showed her that since she survived this, she can only reach higher and further!

main photo: Kuzenkov

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