BB & CC creams – the multi-tasking cosmetics you will be friends with

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BB and CC creams are cosmetics made popular by the fashion for Asian face care. They beautify the female face and care for it at the same time. Why include these products in your beauty routine?

Characteristics of BB cream

BB cream is a beauty balm that gently conceals skin imperfections while moisturizing it and giving it a healthy glow. Depending on the specific product, it may also provide sun protection to prevent the appearance of unsightly discoloration.

What are the characteristics of a CC cream?

Due to its higher pigment content, CC cream offers more coverage than BB variants. It will therefore be a better choice for those with problematic skin, concealing blemishes, spider veins and pigmentation changes to a certain extent (the best level of concealment can be achieved by buying a fluid).

To sum up, both BB cream and CC cream allow to create a delicate make-up, they illuminate the skin nicely and emphasize its natural beauty. They are perfect for summer.

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